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FOR JEFF by JustinGrimm

Press "M" for the full size image! This shot was taken in a remote area of the southern US, a place that I was fortunate enough to visit with some great photography friends. While mud tiles are relatively common in the desert, the tiles in this area are made for GIANTS! The tiles pictures here are over a foot wide and have two inch gaps between them, however in other areas they can get well over four feet across, with gaps large enough to step down into. These were truly some of the most interesting natural formations I have seen, and I cannot wait to get back here again! Thanks for looking. If you have the time, head on over to and donate for a good cause. A friend and talented photographer Jeff Swanson passed last year from the unfortunate disease, and donations could help others in the future. Any little bit counts! via 500px

Requiem by ErinBabnik

Life is too short. Too short to accomplish everything that you could want to do, to go everywhere you could want to go, and to spend enough time with everyone you love. I had the most painful reminder of this truth one afternoon while I was temporarily living in Portland, just over a year ago. As I was preparing dinner, I got a call from the wife of one of my best friends: Jeff Swanson, her husband, my shooting buddy and fellow sailing crew member, had passed away that morning. At the age of 30. Anyone who knew Jeff, even just through photography circles on the internet, genuinely adored him. His inimitable wit, playful charm, and positive attitude made him an internet darling and, to those of us lucky enough to know him “in real life,” a cherished friend. We all knew that he had melanoma and was fighting it valiantly, but somehow I felt that nothing could bring down a guy like Jeff, at least not so soon. It’s really hard to communicate even an inkling of the pain that I still feel today, pain and frustration that this amazing world with all of its wonders and miracles couldn't save this awesome person. Perhaps with more support, the Melanoma Research Foundation will achieve a breakthrough that will make a huge difference, maybe even a cure. Wouldn't that be awesome? If you would like to help, please consider visiting the memorial page set up in Jeff’s honor and generously hosted by SmugMug, with all proceeds from print sales going to fund the MRF. ABOUT THIS PHOTO Of all of the photos that I could dedicate to Jeff right now, this one seems the most appropriate. It is about friendship, about photography, about the trials and wonders of life, and it perfectly encapsulates Jeff’s famous motto of “f/it and be there”. While exploring some of the higher elevations of the Dolomites with my dear friend Ted Gore, we both caught a nasty cold from someone we had been shooting with earlier in the week. That cold took us down hard, and we spent days holed up in a tiny room of a refuge hut just big enough for two bunkbeds, feeling pretty sorry for ourselves as we sneezed, coughed, sniffled, groaned, and slept the hours away. We were completely off the grid, with no data signal or WiFi, and because we were in bunkbeds, we couldn’t even see each other. It’s about as close to solitary confinement as I’ve ever come, but there was great consolation in knowing that I was in fact there with my friend, and we were in it together. Finally, we decided that we would try to “f/it and be there” for a sunset outing. Could we muster the strength to venture out, hike up a peak, and try to be creative? Would it even be worthwhile, given the thick weather that day? Well, it wasn’t easy, but we got ourselves out and up the peak, and I soon found this spot to park my tripod and wait for a clearing. Just as it started to happen, Ted came down from where he had been scouting and asked if I wanted a figure in my shot. Of course I did, but I replied, “No, I think I like you too much for that.” The cliff where he wanted to stand would put him in a death-defying position with a drop of hundreds of feet beneath him, so I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of him standing there. He climbed up anyway and took a few photos of the drama unfolding before us, while I shot a couple of frames and held my breath, hoping that he would be sure-footed as usual. My concern amounted to a complete double standard, since I tend to be pretty foolhardy around cliffs myself, but I had already lost one close friend in the last year, and I couldn’t bear the idea of losing another one. I don’t ever want to lose another friend, especially not Ted. I remember us being all giddy after having seen such a wonderful display of nature, and Ted remarking that, for a while there, he had completely forgotten that we were so sick; I had forgotten too. So we accomplished something, went somewhere awesome, and got in some quality friend time. Thankfully, Jeff’s spirit of optimism came alive in us and made us head out instead of remaining incarcerated in our bunks. Like I said, life is too short. Make the most of it. Get out and do awesome things. Love your friends. Peace. via 500px

FOR JEFF by JustinPoe

In memory of Jeff Swanson. Melanoma Support Fund Jeff Swanson Photography via 500px

For Jeff by drlafreniere

About a year ago, many people lost a dear friend, Jeff Swanson. He was a kind and lovable man…he had an amazing personality and sense of humor. He left a huge impression on me and many others. He is missed… The following are couple of sites to check out if you would like to do something in memory of Jeff (or someone you lost to cancer): Melanoma Research Foundation ( and Jeff’s site ( (proceeds of the print sales go to the Melanoma Research Foundation) via 500px

For Jeff by Dustin_Wong_Photography

Last year a photographer Jeff Swanson who was actively involved in the landscape community lost his battle with Melanoma. He was an inspiration to many and regarded as a great friend. If you or somebody close has been affected by this disease please click the link to contribute to the Melanoma Research Foundation to find a cure. The shot: I’ve wanted to see this milky way alignment over Mount Rainier, Washington ever since my friend Dave Morrow captured it. Since then, this view has become highly coveted, and on this night there were probably 50+ photographers on site to witness the event. Here is my take on the area. **If you like the recent images, hit that follow button!** Instagram I Facebook via 500px

For Jeff by dthompson

As I stood in the fog filled forest, I couldn't help myself from thinking of dinosaurs chasing me through this forest! So childish I know, but the primeval mood of the forest was so enchanting. The mood was that of a movie set, that was deep within the forest. Occasion the inner kid comes out of me. Peace and Love I also wanted to take a moment to remember fellow photographer, and a just a wonderful guy, Jeff Swanson, who passed last year to cancer at the young age of 30. Please, if you get the time, visit Jeff's memorial website at: If you'd like to get involved or would like more info on melanoma please visit the Melanoma Research Foundation ( via 500px

For Jeff by davidrichterphoto

Racing down steep mountain passes to be at the spot for sunset? Check. Sleeping in the freezing cold in the mountains to be at the spot before the sun kisses the rugged mountain range? Check. Some call it dedication, but it should actually be called F/it and be there. Nobody was living this slogan more vividly than Jeff Swanson. A joyous, highly talented, extremely funny and all-around great guy who lost his battle with cancer a little over a year ago. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Cancer. Melanoma to be exact. If you want to know more about melanoma or even donate something to its research to eventually save your life, those of your friends or family, go check out the website of the Melanoma Research Foundation. To view the photography of Jeff, take a peek here and hang it on your walls while doing good things: Not a shooting passes without thinking about Jeff. F/it and be there, friends. via 500px

For Jeff by ArturStanisz

!Please view on black to appreciate the details! I took this photo one night near my campsite on Turner Glacier located on Baffin Island in Nunavut, Canada. The mountain visible on the photo remained unnamed for a long time as I had problems identifying it. Only recently, I was able to find out its name: Loki Mountain. From the moment that I stepped on the Turner Glacier this mountain caught my attention. At first I only saw its apex. Then, as I was hiking through the glacier, the mountain was growing slowly showing more and more of its shape. It took many hours before I could see its entire face. Even though on this photo it might appear small, in reality Loki Mountain is a granite pyramid that is almost 1000 metres high. I am not exactly sure why, but during these few days that I spent near it, a lot of good light was happening around this mountain. The night I took this photo was no exception. The aurora was dancing above the peak as if it had some sort of a magnetic power. The crack featured in the foreground is an actual crevasse. I also had a chance to explore and photograph it from the inside. While I was fighting with cold weather and strong winds on Baffin Island a fellow photographer, Jeff Swanson was battling the biggest fight. Unfortunately, he lost it. So here it is for you Jeff Swanson (( For all willing to help/donate for the cause , please visit this site: Melanoma Research Foundation via 500px

FOR JEFF by terenceleezy

This image honors the life of Jeff Swanson. #shotoniphone6 via 500px

For Jeff by snyder7

Private Lessons | Tutorial Video | Prints & Licensing | Signup To My Newsletter Last year, the landscape photography community lost Jeff Swanson. A great artist and all around great guy to melanoma. We can all do a small part in helping to eradicate this disease by contributing to the Melanoma Research Foundation, or by purchasing one (or several) prints of Jeff’s work at As for this particular shot, this is a slight rework of a previously released work. Thank you for looking and above all, thank you for your donations! via 500px

For Jeff by kahkityoong #forjeff via 500px

FOR JEFF by tulatop

This one’s best viewed on black. Abiqua Falls · Abiqua Creek · Scotts Mills · Oregon · USA Click here to purchase a print and to read the full drawn-out story, including tech info. But the real reason I’m posting a photo here again after saying a few months ago I’d never post another photo here again isn’t for my’s for yours. And it’s not some egotistical thing about how my photography might inspire’s about who inspires me, and who I hope might inspire you in turn. Don’t know anything about Jeff Swanson? Or what it means to “Jeff it and be there”? Read my narrative for If Tomorrow Never Comes and hopefully you’ll understand...maybe even change your perspective a little on what it means to really live. Every time I land on this page (and for whatever reason, that happens quite a lot), my heart aches the same way it did the day I found out he’d died. But it’s a good ache...a life-affirming one that lets me know that that four-chambered thing is still pounding inside my chest, pumping blood throughout my body, infusing me with abilities I have no right taking for granted. I know there are a million and a half causes and campaigns you could take up out there in the real world, but if you’re so inclined, I’d ask that you check out and chip in to the Melanoma Research Foundation, or you can visit this memorial website generously hosted as a donation by SmugMug in Jeff’s honor. I have to be transparent in saying that I largely left 500px because all too often it was about silly and petty competition. I return in hopes of reminding people that that’s not what art is about, as far as I know. Art’s about transmitting ideas...about soul to another. Art’s about humanity. And life’s about living. Jeff Swanson helps remind me of both those things. All that said, I’ll go back to laying low here now, but you can still find me and follow me on Facebook. Please be good to one another out there. Peace. 2la via 500px

FOR JEFF by Pcoskun

This weekend was spent enjoying fresh mountain air and beautiful wildflowers that seemed to have been timed perfectly for my visit. I met up with a few local photographers from around AZ and we spent the weekend wandering through the vast expanses of yellow sunflowers. These flowers really only bloom for a very short period of time, so I was pretty happy when I got there and saw the hills covered in gold! We endured a few nice sunsets and some typical monsoon thunderstorms. I always noticed these dead trees far up on the hillside and always wanted to get a decent photograph of them. I worked a few angles on a couple trees while the sunset started to go off. These trees reminded me of both bristlecone pines and the white bark pines that one can find in Montana. It was a nice weekend spent in the high country that was definitely much needed. For those that knew Jeff Swanson either personally or online knows he always brought joy and laughter to all of us. He was unfortunately taken too soon by Melanoma about a year ago, but his images live on and if you happen to enjoy his images please do purchase one of his prints. All proceeds from his website will go to the Melanoma Research Foundation. via 500px

For Jeff by scottsmorra

This image is In Memory of Jeff Swanson who passed away at age 30 from melanoma. We all miss you! Please consider visiting and donating to the Melanoma Research Foundation to support the battle against melanoma. “Just go. Lay down all your doubts and hit the road. You don't know what the future holds, so get off the couch while you can! The beauty is out there waiting to be captured.” – Jeff Swanson --- About the image: Summit, Mt Hood, Oregon. I captured this image during an early summer climb of Mt Hood. Our group summited at sunrise and we arrived just in time to see the triangular shadow of the mountain being cast upon the surrounding landscape. This moment was truly unique and it's something I will never forget! Before starting this climb, I couldn't decide if I should bring my dSLR photo gear along. Hauling heavy dSLR gear up the mountain didn't sound very appealing, but I finally decided to bring everything along just in case the light was good on the summit. Although it was a lot of work getting to the top with all of my gear, I'm really happy I brought everything along! My Website - Facebook - Google+ - Twitter - Instagram via 500px

FOR JEFF by joergbonner

this post is dedicated to jeff swanson who passed away a bit more than a year ago. please click on of the links below: Jeff Swanson Photography | Melanoma Research Foundation via 500px

FOR JEFF by hillsee

In memory and honour of Jeff Swanson, an immensely talented landscape photographer. Jeff's life was cut tragically short by melanoma ~ in his words 'this nasty, as yet incurable disease.' It is to also to further his desire to raise money to combat melanoma, memorial page set up in Jeff’s honor via 500px

For Jeff by blurrr001

Last year my friend and fellow photographer Jeff Swanson lost his battle with Melanoma. He was a great photographer, friend, and an inspiration to many. If you or somebody close has been affected by this disease, you are looking to learn more about melanoma, or you are looking to contribute to fighting this disease please click this link Melanoma Research Foundation to find a cure. Kanarra Creek Zion National Park, UT Follow me on Facebook & Goolge + **If your not viewing on black your missing out, give it a click** This was my second attempt at getting some shots of this place. The first time I went here the mistake was made to go on a Saturday morning. I thought since this trail was off the beaten path and 30 min from the popular Zion area we would be good to go. Man was I mistaken, hordes of people to the point when we reached this section of the hike there was a line to get up this log. Iam talking a line to ride a rollercoaster at a theme park kind of line, it was crazy, well needless to say we turned around and didn’t even bother waiting. I was pretty bummed but thats landscape photography. Now finally the second attempt obviously paid off. I returned here about 7-8 months later and decided to try again on a weekday just after sunrise, this time it did pay off, we were the first ones on the hike and had the whole place to ourselves, we didn’t see anyone until about half way back. Very cool hike and if you have never done it added to the list its worth it, IF the subway hike and the narrows hike had a baby it would be Kanarra Creek. via 500px

For Jeff by Jordan_Ek

A fellow landscape photographer, Jeff Swanson, passed away from melanoma cancer and this photograph is dedicated to him. If you would like to support melanoma research please see the links below. Thanks. Melanoma Research Foundation There is also a memorial website generously hosted as a donation by SmugMug via 500px

FOR JEFF by everlookphotography

Mount Buffalo, Victoria One year ago, a distant photographic colleague Jeff Swanson passed away after battling with melanoma. Though I never met Jeff, I could tell that those who did, held him in the highest regard. As outdoor photographers, we tend to be the ones most at risk of developing this type of cancer so I’m hoping that this and many related posts in the next 24 hours will not only bring awareness to the issue but help to support its casualties. On an even more personal note, Marianne and I have been in the doldrums a little while adjusting to the death of our 13 year old husky who also died of locally advanced melanoma which prevented him from eating in the end. Please visit either of the two links below either to support the broader melanoma cause, or to support Jeff and his loved ones . [Melanoma Research Foundation] [Jeff and be there!] About this image : Only a short 2 months ago, I remember rushing my way as safely as I could while driving 30km/h through thick fog to be able to get to a reasonable vantage point over the Cathedral atop Mount Buffalo. Freezing conditions and ice on the path made it all the more tricky to ‘rush’ up but thankfully when the sun arrived, I felt at peace enough to take my time with the images having let the adrenaline get me up here. This is the true scene without the interpreted clouds from the previous post from here. via 500px

FOR JEFF by TjThorne

Snapchat: tj_photo Follow me on Instagram. Follow me onFacebook Check out my website for cool stuff This is about a friend who left us way too early. This is for Jeff Swanson. I am often surprised by how quickly I have formed deep friendships with some people in the landscape photography community. I have met numerous people in the past three years that have had a profound impact on not only my photography, but my life and the way that I think about the world. I am invigorated by the generosity and support that has come my way, and the memories and experiences that have been forged because of it. My friends have truly been a beacon of hope in some pretty trying times. They tighten my grip. They boost me up so that I can continue to keep my eye on the shore while I tread the waves of life and try to make it to dry land. Jeff was one of those people. While I had only known Jeff for a short time, I felt a deep connection to him. Our friendship formed online over photography. Our shared passion for both photography and cheesy humor resulted in some pretty long threads where we traded bad puns and had a blast doing it. Jeff's positivity and outlook were contagious and he pulled many people into that circle. I know I'm not the only one who had been impacted in a positive way by this dude over words on a screen. I had the luxury of meeting Jeff in the Bay Area when he and another friend (who is now one of my best friends) came to support me for my first gallery show. I battle myself a lot on my creativity and my art. So to have two people I only knew online get in their car and drive somewhere to show their support for me really hit me. I'm sure they were enticed by the free wine and cookies at the opening reception, but I try to ignore that part. The thing is... it never felt weird or awkward. I'm good at faking it but most times I don't feel comfortable in social settings with a bunch of people I don't know, and one of those settings where I am at the center of focus is even worse. I can't explain the excitement I felt when I saw my two friends standing there. In that moment our friendship had grown immensely. I felt more comfortable in that big white room. I laughed genuinely instead of nervously. It felt like I had known them for years instead of months. The next day the three of us shared a photographic memory on Hawk Hill shooting the Golden Gate Bridge. While that kind of photography isn't necessarily my jam, standing on the side of a hill with two people I enjoy, watching the weather move around us, experiencing that moment, laughing, talking, and using our cameras while the sun dipped below the horizon totally is. That's the kind of person Jeff was to me and I find it weird that I was affected by his death in the way that I was. But it made sense. He was a good person and he exuded that energy. I know everyone says good things about someone when they pass.. but from my experience.. it's all true about Jeff. I'm glad that I got to spend several more days creating memories and photographing nature with Jeff when he came to visit Oregon in the spring of 2014. I knew he was sick.. but I didn't know that would be the last time I saw him. I hope that he knew what kind of impact he had on people. I never got a chance to tell him. To all of my friends reading this.. I love you. ------------------------------------ Jeff passed at the young age of 30 due to complications from Melanoma. I encourage you to visit and donate to the Melanoma Research Foundation. You can also view some of his photography at a memorial website that has been donated by Smugmug by clicking his link: All proceeds from prints sold will be donated to the Melanoma Research Foundation in Jeff's name. Every little bit helps. So far over $4,000 has been raised through this site. via 500px

FOR JEFF by scottyperkins

An image taken in the magnificent Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park in California. It makes me think of good places, better places. Good things, better things. Good people, better people. I didn’t know Jeff Swanson, but many people I know and respect did know him. He was taken by cancer not long ago, but people still speak of him with love and respect for his character and talent. Please take some time to visit the Melanoma Research Foundation at and Jeff’s personal memorial page at, hosted generously by SmugMug. The world deserves a cure for cancer. Please help make it so. via 500px

For Jeff by TedGore

I’d like to dedicate this image to a fantastic person and photographer who we lost last year. Jeff Swanson passed away from Melanoma a little over a year ago, the anniversary was at the beginning of this month. A memorial website is hosted by SmugMug and can be found at, also, if you feel inclined to donate to the Melanoma Research Foundation, you can do that here, This is another image from my trip to the Patagonia region last April. During my exploration around Mt. Fitz Roy I came upon one of the most idyllic scenes I saw the entire trip. This perfect arrangement of fall color, contrasted with the skeleton of an old lenga tree seemed to just be waiting for it’s picture to be taken. It also provided one of the best camping spots I had the entire trip. via 500px

FOR JEFF by jessesummers

This image honors the life of Jeff Swanson. Please provide support in his memory here: Melanoma Research via 500px

FOR JEFF by Shainblum

The stars aligned for me on this night and after a week of fogged in coastline, I finally got an opportunity to see the Milky Way over Shark Fin Cove. The neon light you see in the distance is from fishing boats and the warm light to the left is from Santa Cruz. It was an amazing night, I hope you all enjoy the photo. This image is dedicated to Jeff Swanson. I never had the opportunity to meet him. But I very much considered him a friend. Our online conversations always left me laughing and smiling. A year ago he passed away from Melanoma. We all hold him in our hearts. Please click this link to support Jeff and Melanoma Research Foundation. Memorial Page Melanoma Research Foundation via 500px

For Jeff by efossati

“When we die, we will turn into songs, and we will hear each other and remember each other.” In memory of Jeff Swanson via 500px

For Jeff by cwexplorationphotography

++check it out on black++ I never got to meet Jeff Swanson but hearing about his story and the lives he touched inspired me to post something in his memory. Plus cancer sucks. Plain and simple. I've lost many loved ones to it, so any way that I can support the cause to finding a cure is a huge plus in my book. Please check out Jeff's memorial page and the Melanoma Research Foundation website in the links below: This image comes from a very foggy sunrise up near Mt. St. Helen's Washington. Sometimes you just need to be there, soak it all in and take a deep breath. Mt. St. Helen's, WA via 500px

FOR JEFF by tkottary

This image is dedicated in honor of Jeff Swanson, who passed away year ago from Melanoma. Please click this link to support Jeff and Melanoma Research Foundation. Jeff It Be There Funds raised by the sale of Jeff’s prints will be donated in his name to the Melanoma Research Foundation. via 500px

FOR JEFF by AndreasResch

This is an older shot of mine that I reworked recently. It's not about new stuff today, it's about remembering. One year ago we lost a great photographer. I never met Jeff Swanson in person, but always admired his images and followed his adventures with fellow photographers. He went way too early - RIP Jeff. You can view Jeff's images at - the profit from any print sales goes toward the Melanoma Research Foundation. They also accept straight donations. Tachihara 4x5" Field Camera, Schneider-Kreuznach 90mm, Velvia 50. via 500px

FOR JEFF by fzaidi

If landscape photography has taught us anything it is the ephemeral nature of the fleeting beauty that we all try to capture in our own unique way. Catching the right moment is considered to be one of the primary objectives of any passionate photographer. The moment passes but its essence always burns a footprint in the memory of the observer and with some skill and creative expression the photographer can share that memory with the rest of the community in the form of a photograph. The analogy of life and people you meet is similar. Lives eventually end and people eventually leave but the lasting impression some of them make in your memory and in your life is what survives everything else. Jeff Swanson was one such fleeting moment in the life of many photographers as nature took him away from all of us at such an early age. I was not lucky enough to meet him in person but hearing about him from my photographer friends and viewing his work, I realize how special and talented he was in his skill to capture those transient moments. We as a photographic community are at a loss today because we do not have him around us but he must have felt proud had he known how he was able to bring together a community of photographers from different places and backgrounds for a cause. We can all play our part in paying tribute to his work by visiting All funds raised by the sale of Jeff's prints will contribute to the donation in his name to the Melanoma Research Foundation. via 500px

FOR JEFF by LukeAustin

For those that knew Jeff Swanson either personally or online knows he always brought joy and laughter to all of us. He was unfortunately taken too soon by Melanoma about a year ago, but his images live on and if you happen to enjoy his images please do purchase one of his prints. All proceeds from his website will go to the Melanoma Research Foundation. PLEASE SUPPORT: via 500px

For Jeff by frank_delargy

FOR JEFF In memory of Jeff Swanson. I never met him or conversed with him. Never actually knew of him but what others here are doing makes a lot of sense to me. Raising awareness of artists and of good causes will always matter. You can view Jeff's images at - the profit from any print sales goes toward the Melanoma Research Foundation. They also accept straight donations. ....... Beach house - redo. 2 sec exposure.. just enough to catch the trails of the surf as it leaves the beach. An almost full moon and a solitary light by the beach house provided the illumination. As turtle nesting season in Florida has just started, all (or most) of the street lights along the coast roads are turned off or should be dimmed or sheltered from the beach.This one may have belonged to the private residence. f/2.8 ISO 1600, 16mm . Sony a7r with Canon 16-35mm lens. It's a night image so it really looks best in black (click on image or press H) . Thanks! Frank via 500px

FOR JEFF by Dylken

Horsehead Rock Bermagui, NSW This image was taken on an incredible night photographing the milky way rise behind the well know rock formation, Horsehead. Big thanks to Adam Williams and Luke Tscharke who I spent that weekend shooting up the east coast with. Luke also lent me his Sony A7s for a few shots and this is one of them. Taken at 8000 ISO I was pretty impressed with its performance. This was the very last frame I captured before the tide became too high and we managed t escape just in time. This post is dedicated to Jeff Swanson. For those that knew Jeff either personally or online knows he always brought joy and laughter to all of us. He was unfortunately taken too soon by Melanoma about a year ago, but his images live on and if you happen to enjoy his images please do purchase one of his prints. All proceeds from his website will go to the Melanoma Research Foundation. via 500px

FOR JEFF by jaychong

re-edit of an older photo. It seems these past few months the Landscape photography community has been caught in a loop rehashing/arguing over topics that really shouldn't need administrative oversight and way too much time and energy dedicated. I am so encouraged and saddened by today's postings. I am encouraged because I see a community of photographers united for a cause and share stories for a passing of a friend and fellow photog. I am saddened because in reading so many stories shared by people that I think Jeff Swanson is a person that I would have loved to have known. His legacy exists through his work and his loyal and passionate friends. "Jeff it and be there" Take a look at Jeff's work, story and if you can help donate towards a worthy cause: via 500px

FOR JEFF by StefanHefele

"Sea of Ringol" - Scotland I hope you can enjoy this moment like I did while capturing it. For those that knew Jeff Swanson (I never had the opportunity to meet him in person) either personally or online knows he always brought joy and laughter to all of us. He was unfortunately taken too soon by Melanoma about a year ago, but his images live on and if you happen to enjoy his images please do purchase one of his prints. All proceeds from his website will go to the Melanoma Research Foundation. via 500px

FOR JEFF by Arild_Heitmann

In memory of fellow photographer, Jeff Swanson. To honor Jeff, consider making a donation to the Melanoma Research Foundation via 500px

For Jeff by kuekat_Dave

RIP Jeff Swanson, you are missed! This ones for you. I Was out on the beach and a fast moving storm blew through, caught this one while standing knee deep in the water. Was a sight to see. Dont worry the storm was a good distance away were the lightning was. Thanks for all your previous support if you like my work click follow, I dont use any other sites or social media to show it. Thanks Dave via 500px

FOR JEFF by landESCAPEphotography

This photo is dedicated to our friend and landscape photographer extraordinare Jeff Swanson, who had his life taken away from him when he was far too young for it. Jeff was an amazing guy, and I had the pleasure of shooting with him a couple times out in Death Valley. We were planning a Sierra backcountry trip, as it was one of our favorite places, but that opportunity got taken away from us. I hope you will visit his site here to see his beautiful work: Funds raised by the sale of Jeff’s prints will be donated in his name to the Melanoma Research Foundation. via 500px

For Jeff by maxvuong

This photo is dedicated to Jeff Swanson who passed away far too young. A wonderful guy with such a huge and warm spirit. I hope you will visit his site to see his beautiful work at Jeff's memorial page Funds raised by the sale of Jeff’s prints will be donated in his name to the Melanoma Research Foundation. Click here to find ways to support Melanoma Research About this photo: 5-6 wide angle image stitch. Taken in a remote and fairly undiscovered territory with great friends Mich and Paul Rojas. Huge thanks to Paul for being such a relentless explorer and sharing his knowledge of these amazing places. If you like my work, follow me on instagram and facebook | via 500px

FOR JEFF! by MarkMetternich

Workshops Post Processing Video Tutorials

 PLEASE VIEW ON BLACK This photo is dedicated to Jeff Swanson. An incredible, loving and generous photographer who passed away about a year ago of Melanoma. If you are interested in raising awareness or supporting the fight against Melanoma please check the links below. This year, partially due to avoiding the unusually hot weather in the Pacific Northwest as well as too much forest fire smoke, I had the great privilege of spending about 2 straight months on the Pacific Coastline from the top of the Olympic Coastline down through the sublime Oregon Coast and the Northern California Coast. Here on 2 separate attempts, I scrambled and climbed down a cliffy area about 500 feet to the beach and at the lowest tide got out on a sea-stack rock to get stranded all night. I played guitar and took 15 minute naps amid the violent waves all around me. One of the funnest times I have had taking a photo. :) As always Alex Noriega has been my main go to guy for processing feedback, as well as who I refer people to when I am not able to teach Post Processing via Skype, because of my rigerous travel schedule. Support the Melanoma Research Foundation JEFF via 500px

Divided by ChrisLambethPhotography

Got caught in an incredible lightning storm in Sedona AZ. via 500px

sunset at the black sand glacier lagoon. iceland. ... by tannerwendell

sunset at the black sand glacier lagoon. iceland. Shortly after this photo, I got hit by a wave and soaked from the waist down. I dried my jeans by hanging them out the window of my car as we drove to stokksnes. #mystopover @icelandair via 500px

Night Riders by LauriLohi

Face off by MaxRinaldi

A beautiful little owl eating a little mouse. My Website: Max Rinaldi ( On maintenance, stay tuned ) My Facebook: Max Rinaldi FB My Instagram ( finally i'm back ;) Max Rinaldi via 500px

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Darkwave by alexnoriega

Hey there. I know some of you have probably seen this image before, but I'm re-posting it for a reason. It's been one year since friend and photographer Jeff Swanson passed away all too young from melanoma, and those of us who knew him are putting up images in his memory. I don't have any new images processed and ready, so I'm re-posting this one that was strangely purple in its first rendition - went for a straight blue this time. You can view Jeff's images at - the profit from any print sales goes toward the Melanoma Research Foundation. They also accept straight donations. RIP, buddy. via 500px

Someday by nicholasdyee

The boat house on Lake Minnewanka, Canada. via 500px

Redwood Rays by lamunyonb

via 500px

Soul... by KatySendza

via 500px

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mud and Cracks of Lake Tekapo by PatrickMarsonOng

An hour an a half racing against the sun as we drive out from an uncooperative Mt. Cook National Park weather just to catch that final kiss of sunset light on these muddy cracks of Lake Tekapo was all worth it! How can such a thing be so unsightly and be beautiful at the same time? Lol! Hope you like it guys! via 500px

Friday, August 28, 2015

Vernal Fall by RobSese

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Dancing in Love by littletree131

It’s Chinese Valentine’s Day today. Hope you have a wonderful day that is filled with love and blessings. via 500px