Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Right under your nose by rhiannonl

Thank you for viewing my work! http://ift.tt/1oPtEDi via 500px

The Search by JessicaDrossin

A re-edit of an older photo. Please follow me here: Facebook I Google + I Twitter I Instagram Shot with my Canon 5D Mark iii and processed with the actions, textures and overlays from the JD Beautiful World collection available here. via 500px

N° 142 by sylvainmarcelle

Lost in Cholon via 500px

Jane's Winter Carousel by Marcel_Zizkat

Please look at a back blackground (press h) at maximised size (press m). Thank you very much. This is a repostprocessed image of my favorit New York shot I made this Winter. Sharpend for a1920pixel Monitor. About the Picture: New York knocked me down... got kind of a vey short abdominal influenza... was staying in the hotel for 1 day and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.... it helped. :) After the snow today and some very nice snowscenes near the Times Square I decided to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park and around in order to catch a kind of special sunset in the snow... Was not exactly what I expected. This time i took my 17-70mm lens... Had lots of problems by getting the right hyperfocal distance... dont know why. Actually I think something is not working right. Have to find out exactly what. Dont have that problem with my lovely 10-20mm lens. :) So trying and trying. :) Feel free to comment. thx for watching. Hope you enjoy at least some of my pictures. via 500px

Laid Back by albertngphotography

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Ricarda by ajorns

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Cherry Tree by mattiadattaro

Nikon D300 ir720nm via 500px

One day in Nagoya by HIDENOBU_SUZUKI

Location Nagoya Nadia Park. It is a place for people to rest. via 500px

Bologna - Cycling in Via Farini by PhilFreez

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Woman and fog. by andriysolovyov

Woman walking in the fog. via 500px

Absolute Magnitude by tpoulton001

Today’s world is a need-it-right-now world. Emails, text messages, and smartphones have made us much more accessible and our level of accountability much higher. The expectations for immediate attention are overwhelming and can negatively impact our creativity and patience; learning to master this difficult skill can increase creativity as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Exercising patience can also improve productivity because it creates a better, clearer state of mind, for wiser decision making. Patience is becoming a lost art. We sometimes feel others becoming more impatient with us if we are not quick to answer or respond right away, combining immediacy and impatience to create an even bigger monster. However, most things worth having, take time to obtain – they take patience. Art cannot be rushed and patience cannot be lost if the picture is to be finished. After a treacherous hike along the Hooker Valley to the base of Mt Cook we had to endure icy pathways, suspension bridges with snow as high as the railing with 100 metre falls to our death, -15 temperatures and snow loaded mountains causing avalanches at every turn. Once arriving at our destination and with conditions so incredible, we knew we had come away with amazing shots. As the sun set and the temperature plummets, that same path awaits in treacherous darkness. The desire to get moving is so overwhelming, a safety-based decision diced with going, or staying longer to wait for the ultimate conditions. Confident in my abilities in the darkness, I waited just that little bit longer, not through bravery, just a desire to come away with something epic. For a closer look and download: HD Follow me on Instagram via 500px

Apsara by mireny

Cambodia via 500px

Monday, June 29, 2015

Cape Daisies by MandyDisher

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Dusty Lives by ametingeographer

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She has her Head in the Clouds by JennBischof

Swinging between realities. via 500px

Trondheim Nidelva and Brygga by Aziz_Nasuti

As someone who is living in Trondheim I have taken many pictures over Gamlebrybro (Old city bridge) towards the beautiful wooden houses of bakklandet and brygga but each time the sky and reflection on the water are so amazing and diffrerent. Whenever I buy a new photography instrument I stop by and take a photo to examine the quality. In this photo I have checked the Wonderpana ND System for my Samyang 14 mm. Please feel free to find me by: |Website| ,|Facebook page| , |Instagram| ,|Google+| .|Twitter| . via 500px

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Storm Chaser by Like_He

Please press M for FULL screen view! Gladstone, Missouri, USA. My secret lone tree spot. via 500px

istanbul's eyes by neoklasik

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NYC - Pride - In The Name Of Love by mgiachetti

New York City -Since 1993, when the Lesbian Avengers, ACT UP groups from Los Angeles and Philadelphia, and Puss n’ Boots in LA organized the first Dyke March, thousands of Dykes have come out year after year to demonstrate for lesbian rights and visibility. via 500px


As I said yesterday, this is my newest pic with selective red. I wrote about "Effective use of “Selective color” in my blog
http://ift.tt/1FjH1UD Please check! Thank you for all the fellow members of 500px who allowed me to use their great "selective color! photos in my blog. Cheers!! Dr.Akira TAKAUE
Holger Glaab
Joe Plasmatico
Manita Goh
Jin Mikami
Michael Koster
Roland Shainidze
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legends I by Haggard-Photography

Legends I | Dresden, Germany 2015 http://ift.tt/1aag6fP http://ift.tt/1aag4EL © Ronny Behnert Back from Dresden and ready for the first photo I´ve taken in the capital city of Saxony. It shows the Neumarkt with one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Dresden, the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady). I hope you like what you see. Enjoy. via 500px

Portrait by Yevgen-Romanenko

http://ift.tt/1d2OEWS via 500px

Champagne by bulkington23

Today, my friend let me know my previous airplane photograph is plagiarized in this 500px. All photographs are, I think, our own challenges and achievement. I wish all rights should be properly protected from all plagiarism and abusion. If you are interested in my photo, please check my Facebook or Facebook page below: Facebook: http://ift.tt/18VbfRS Facebook Page: http://ift.tt/1BwDFLB Google+ 東京カメラ部 (Tokyo Camera Club) via 500px

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lonely... by Saintek

Lonely shack on South Moravian field in Czech Republic. You can see more of my photos at: www.peterzajfrid.com http://ift.tt/1jc2GG5 via 500px

ThroNe by ks_graphica

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Baltic bliss (6) by GiulianaAntonio

Kasmu, Estonia. A dip in the Baltic Sea. via 500px

Mulish Car by norbpeter

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Three by yokohamatechnicalace

Tokyo,Japan,2015. via 500px

istanbul's eyes by neoklasik

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Gonzo by pritush

GOnNZO Hunter Thompson , Jonny Depp Too weird to live , too rare to die :D via 500px

experience .. by tapaschakladar63

You cannot create experience. You must undergo it. Albert Camus it looks better in black screen.. dial 'H' and 'M' for better view :) via 500px

Friday, June 26, 2015

TronStealsTheShow by Robbo

I like it better on white. Something that took a few hours and many shots from the same location, about 50 and a shot for the sky from somewhere else. All mine of course. The last night of the Vivid Festival, Sydney from the balcony in the bridge pylon. via 500px

Oblique light by CarloCafferini

Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy. For more works check my homepage: Carlo Cafferini via 500px

A remarkable friendship by AnnaAuerbach

If you like my pictures feel free to visit my facebook profile: http://ift.tt/1wCE4sB via 500px

* * by dariankat

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Going Underground by NickHerridge

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Bolhão by Jacardoso


Profanities of Glee by m_jackisch

Ever take that first bite of a perfectly cooked steak and exclaim, ‘OOOoooh, $#*%@ this is good!’ This was kind of like that for me, only the aesthetic version. I know of people who don’t see the appeal in hiking because of the lack of thrill factor, but I’d be lying if I said my heart wasn’t pounding as I stood gaping in awe of this place. The challenge of getting here (I failed once) made it that much more rewarding. The whole time, based on the images I had seen prior, I expected the sun to make an appearance from the left side igniting the falls to the right. Being March, this happened instead. via 500px

g r o v e | marin county, california by elmofoto

From a Sunday evening fog chase with some friends a few months ago. You can also find me on: facebook | flickr | google+ | tumblr | instagram | elmofoto.com via 500px

Raining in the market by KeithMulcahy

Flea Market in Sham Shai Po in Kowloon, Hong Kong via 500px

Self Admiration by sandipbose

Streets of Kolkata via 500px

The Last Guard by MauricioPaiz

NEW YORK, NY - : September 9th, 2013 During semifinals on Day 15 of the 2013 US Open at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, the Manhattan Bridge stands still. via 500px

BIG FISH by GalPeter

Montreal Olympic Stadium via 500px

Puzzle by Denis009

Satay seller by rarindra

Satay: tradtional food of indonesia made of chicken or goat meat WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | iG via 500px

Interstellar by chenxistanley

Salt flat in Uyuni, Bolivia. The sunset lighted up the crystallized edge of the salt flat. The salt flat is still amazing in the dry season. via 500px

Bar des Pirates by bergerdesabeilles

Laon, bar Le Vortex, 2015 via 500px

Ballerine de Farine by dwsenior

Taken using 3 high speed flash units via 500px

Fisherman and the pier by jmurphy18

Fisherman working the surf with Frisco pier in the background via 500px

papa told me... by LaurentAuble

...not to shoot facing strong sunlight. via 500px