Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mastis lake by ViktorasKaubrys Add me

Nidelven by Simmers Add me

Summer evening in Trondheim

Northern lights over Katterjåkk by JoakimSyk Add me

Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) over the village Katterjåkk in the north of Sweden.

sunset in France by matildemagni Add me

I found myself in this huge field and I sat down to think about how infinite happiness...

pink rocks by erhanasik Add me

bağırganlı turkey

Bonsai Rock by susanholtphotography Add me

Bonsai Rock in Lake Tahoe

Mt Rundle Reflection by scottrbennie Add me

Mt Rundle reflecting in Vermillion Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta Canada

Kullaberg 2 by frjd Add me

Gjallar by Varasc Add me

My own instinctive tribute to Falkenbach, felt on that ridge as soon as I realized I was climbing on the edge of a local storm - there was a ripped thunderstorm between myself and the distant glaciers. "Gjallar", from the old "Heralding - The Fireblade" album, was all I could start whistling.

Silent rocks by wigH Add me

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Sunset on the salt by Hermolaos Add me

Sapete, è geniale questa cosa che i giorni finiscono. E’ un sistema geniale. I giorni e poi le notti. E di nuovo i giorni. Sembra scontato, ma c’è del genio. E là dove la natura decide di collocare i propri limiti, esplode lo spettacolo. I tramonti. Alessandro Baricco, Oceano Mare

Sunshine by whuang Add me

It was good times meeting up with the old gang and hanging out in this sunflower field. An unexpected monsoonal system made its way to California from the southwest and produced some amazing sunsets this weekend. At first came the drizzle, then came a huge double rainbow, and finally, the western sky ignited in burning red and orange virga.

The Magnificent by Ursaat Add me

What a joy to stay in front of this beautiful waterfall, feel all the mist in the air hitting your face. A true icon! Now as far as photographing it, that is a pain in the rear end. All that nice mist and spray are continuously coming on the front of the lens. The routine was keep covered, shot for 2 seconds, wipe, cover again, wipe again, and wipe some more in between. Almost impossible to get a clean shot without water spots on them. In this frame I was lucky to get the sun kissing my foreground bringing some nice warmth to parts of the water.

Moonlit Darklings by goldpaintphotography Add me

Already he had explored beyond the lush settings of moonlit slopes unveiling Mt. Rainier. The accompanying sounds of pointed spires wounded the ambient sky.

The Sun Broke Through by davidleahy Add me

Mount Rainier could not be seen at sunrise, because the clouds were so think here. Just three miles away on the road to Paradise it was perfectly clear. When I returned to Reflection Lakes, Mount Rainer could barely be seen through the clouds and fog. Fortunately, over the next 30+ minutes more and more of the mountain was revealed.

skosy toscana Got by MarcinSobas Add me

summer morning in Tuscany

Reddish Sunset by stellatanphotography Add me

One of a kind, where the sky exploded in an intense display of colors, and the reddish tones of the sky reflected on the water.

Manarola sunset by RemushLerner Add me

The cargo ship... by alexis1986cy Add me

© Alexandros Constantinides 2014

Sunset Cruise by MohammedSattar Add me

Thank you !

Umag, Istria, Croatia by danielwaschnig Add me

Umag by Daniel Waschnig. For more images check out or on Facebook PS: Updated this Image since the wrong version has been online

Frozen Forest by TonySpencer Add me

A mid winter image from the frozen forests of Finland. My good friend David Clapp and I are leading a winter workshop back into this ice encrusted wilderness this winter. We have a few places left remaining for our tour in January which goes into areas of arctic and sub arctic Europe like no other. This magnificent winter wonderland is great by daylight but becomes truly astonishing at night with the northern lights overhead. More info can be found here-

The Lure of Sol Duc Falls by dansherman Add me

My second time visiting this waterfall. It can be a tough one to shoot. When we first arrived here in the late afternoon, the sun was shining right on the falls just clearly ruining any chance for a long exposure. There were some scattered clouds occasionally blocking out the sun, but not for long enough to get any shots. My wife and I hung around here for an hour or so waiting for the light to change, but it just kept on shining! So, we started to hike down until a few big clouds started to block out the sun. I decided I wanted to go we turned around and hiked back to this scene. The light was perfect! Persistence paid off!...this time! This was a blend at various exposure/ISO settings to allow the sun rays to look as I saw them while preventing a dark foreground and blurry foliage. Perfect mindshot!

Behind the Veil by MauroTronto Add me

During a magic sunset in front of the Matterhorn

The ancient kingdom of Mrauk U by UdomPeter Add me

Group of Pagodas in the north zone of Mrauk U in northern Rakhine State, Myanmar at sunset.

north spirit by francaperra1 Add me

Old ship in north-west Iceland by panorama Add me

Saltholmen from the top by marcocalandra89 Add me

Facebook page: Marco Calandra Photography Website: From the small port of Saltholmen small ships departs with regular frequency to the archipelago of Skärgården. The sun was slowly setting and I still didn't know how to realize my shoot. Then, the clouds began to be dyed in different colors and in that moment I had an idea. I climbed up on top of a big rock and I find a good point of view that captured the splendor of the small islands that surround Saltholmen with the colored sky that hung over.

_DSC3769 by MagnusL3D Add me

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Canal by nejdetduzen Add me

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Path to Paradise by blurrr001 Add me

Garrapata State Park

Edith Cavell by DiegoLapetinaPhotography Add me

Edith Cavell, probably one of the most beautiful places in Jasper and probably in the world.

Gold sunset by ArtsonImage Add me

The deer by giuseppepeppoloni Add me

Il cervo - La fauna del Monte Subasio

Lost under the Moon by albanhenderyckxphotography Add me

Facebook Page: Copyright © Alban Henderyckx 2014 All rights reserved.

Lake in paradise by Marcobarone Add me

Le Minou by GeoffroyPasquier Add me

The lighthouse of Le Minou when the night is coming in Brintany, France. Follw me on Facebook :

Sunset Mothership by dennisoswald Add me

Amazing supercell with setting sun in Kansas. What a beautiful storm.

lake tahoe by JoshSteele2 Add me

An early morning photo from Lake Tahoe taken a couple years ago.

Tre Cime Lavaredo Paterno by Teka Add me

Moonlit Madness by AaronReedPhotography Add me

Moonlit Madness - Aaron Reed Photography Prints & Licensing:

just before the storm!!! by GeorgetteAleiferi Add me

Waves to Tellaro by CaterinaBruzzone Add me

Gift from Hell by sysaworld Add me

Lac de Chesery, Chamonix - Haute-Savoie alps. France Reserve Naturelle des Aiguilles rouges Did you ever took the most beautiful vacation shot just at the moment when it would have been better to run away from there?

Malpaís Beach by Figuer Add me

Taken at Malpaís beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Las salinas by PHOTOPLUS-ES Add me

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gün Biterken by TOLUAY Add me

Kentish Lavender by ozaker65 Add me

Kentish Lavender, Castle Farm, Kent, UK

Standing on the shoulders of giants by Vorrarit Add me

Through The Cracks by Shainblum Add me

View on black please! I really can not stress how much I love the La Jolla Coves. It is by far my favorite place to shoot seascapes. Every time I go back to this spot I find new compositions with the changing tides. I think this one might be my new favorite and I am thrilled to share it with you all. If you guys enjoy the photo do my a favor and share it with your friends, thanks!