Sunday, July 31, 2016

Untitled by EvaBerzhanskite

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《天堂魔境》 by 8552593da4067a898e31cd9cbccc96605

因为本职的设计工作及空间摄影 让我了解并理解了摄影 何为设计?设计就是创造性的解决问题 摄影艺术我理解就是创造性的定格影像 拒绝平庸、拒绝跟风、拒绝同质化、拒绝无思想的快门产物 我想记录的是自己眼中世界 via 500px

Bouquet by cdinop

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Raspberry Cheesecake by TRStudios

Raspberry Cheesecake via 500px

Rice Farming by SasinTipchai

Farmers grow rice in the rainy season. They were soaked with water and mud to be prepared for planting. wait three months to harvest crops via 500px

Stealing Moments by DavideRusso2

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Röntgenarchitektur Golden by OscarLopez9

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Untitled by lostsaturation

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Waterfall fresh by slobodeniuk

libellule by martabevacquaphotography

"Libellule" : photo based on my short film. Check it out on my (super new) Vimeo: or on facebook: via 500px

CF002198 by msalisbu

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Platform No. 7-6 by linesiam

Bangkok Railway Station stories 2016 via 500px

004A0217.jpg by 705476005

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DEGR1834-2.jpg by stefanomontigiani

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Ladybug by lucamoriconi

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Red Burning Portal by eetschman

I was with some friends in Belgrade .. on the way we found this Red Burning Portal in the mist of the Kosmaj Mountains .... its actually a monument to the partisan division from WWII see more of it on via 500px

Ferris wheel by ybv26ed40k

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Un homme à l'eau by MaudTaupe

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Varghese Mathew New Photo From 500px

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hangover by HaydenScott

Hanging out via 500px

After the rain X by elfilosofo

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redfish lake by kfbf2

A great sunrise on the Sawtooth Mountains at Redfish Lake via 500px

Alpacas by rafifrey

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Whiskey splash by Ruslan117

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Always time for tea by Thia_Acorn

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La bestia by ietphotography

My worldwide travel will start in November 2016! If you want to follow my adventure: Facebook Contact: In case you want to use or print any of my pictures, please contact me or visit my website. One of the greatest flickr groups: DIPLOFOCUS My flickr account: Flickr 500px: 500px via 500px

Castle sunset... by munal43

Neuschwanstein.. via 500px

Arms wide by RubinMorris

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Le cose viste dall'alto fanno meno paura. by Babsi

Le cose viste dall'alto fanno meno paura. Mine Vaganti Maria - Guendalina via 500px

Looking Down on the World by justinkmonge

Edited photo to create unique effect. via 500px

STAIRWELL by yamel

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Man making charcoal by NattaponSritrairat

Man making charcoal at Ban Yee Sarn, Petchaburi, Thailand. via 500px


Something simple, isolated colors. via 500px

茶道 by 076c601a44e6698a2949353d3a5188695

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39.jpg by 506155542

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Gabriela by regulogomez

Esfera de Caracas. Obra de Jesús Soto. @regulogomez via 500px

Girl #Snorkeling #Underwater On #Tropical #WhiteSand #Beach In #Cuba #Caribbean #Island by blurMEDIA

Girl (9) swimming on a white sand beach at all inclusive luxury resort in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. via 500px

**** by ally_fane

Fro via 500px

... by Hossein-zare

Instagram : Hosseinzare via 500px

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Paddy bw by SchauerFotografie via 500px

Aerial view by af8

Date and hazelnutcake with a sugar glass shard from above via 500px

咖啡杯 by 24c48b87a4260968419df0d40d3c08122

在家没事的时候,一直喜欢拍些有意思的照片,然后有了这张,我自己很喜欢 via 500px

Dunescape 0.3 by vaneeden

The amazing beauty of the oldest desert in the world. Namibia via 500px

Journey by SapnaReddy

In one of the hottest places on earth, hikers escape the heat by exploring the Mesquite Dunes of Death valley by moonlight. via 500px