Saturday, February 28, 2015

Angkor Twilight by EliaLocardi Add me

In Siem Reap, Cambodia there is nothing more famous or iconic than the ancient Temple compound of Angkor Wat. True to it’s reputation, it’s become the most popular sunrise spots in all of Cambodia. With the main entrance facing the west, sunrises have the potential to produce vivid and beautiful light directly behind the temple spires. So on one early morning, I marked my spot at the waters edge and watched as the purple light danced above, brilliantly illuminating the sky as well as the blooming water lilies on the pond below. If you're interested in my work, feel free to drop me a line on Instagram or my website

- marine erosions - by MarDiaz1 Add me

Nastya by ksmedia Add me

photo/production model Nastya Sheglova TreeStudio Moscow

Moon Rise by MeaganVBlazier Add me

I think you should view on black… All images shot with a modest Canon Powershot SX40HS Thank you for following :) You can also see more on Instagram @meaganvblazier Website: COM ING SOON!

Kelp and All by beachbum Add me

One night in Nantes #1 by LaurentHette Add me

∆ SharkTrek (bw) ∆ by thomasconrad Add me

Silver Edition. School of Hammerheads taken in Galapagos, Wolf Island. Whether we fear sharks or not...we should preserve our oceans!

Hands up !!! by serebro56 Add me

In any battle there are winners and losers ...

Golden Gate Under Stars by mcheung01 Add me

Framed by Luminous_Light Add me

Inside by amador Add me

Fantasy by aminsedig Add me

Fine Art

Daisy drop. by TahaO Add me

Fleeting II by csandercock Add me

For the curious, I have written up a few words of explanation and creative process for this image if you are interested in this shot and also the photography I have been doing lately. You can find it here:

Liza by ThomasCreeper Add me

Rhododendron by GreggB Add me

Blooming Rhododendron in the Redwood National Park, CA.

*** by Apalkin Add me

Anastasia by annnevreva Add me

Palouse Mars by eyeofalens Add me

Stay up to date at with the latest at Visit EyeOfAlens Please view the Martian landscape of Palouse Falls on Black White won't work Palouse Falls, surreal location, surreal landscape, surreal colors & light .

Frost mist by RuneAskeland Add me

Oblique lines beauty by aragorn1278 Add me


Wish You Were Here [Getty Images] by Nick___ Add me

This is on Getty Images Copyright All rights reserved by Nick Brundle - Photography. Available for licensing and purchase on Getty Images. My Getty Images Getty Editorial.

Nature Calls by JakeOlsonStudios Add me

SALE!!!! LEARN MY PHOTOSHOP SECRETS! AVAILABLE NOW! Four hour recorded video tutorials covering my entire post processing workflow in PS and Lightroom for only $99.00! Purchase Here! -> JAKE OLSON STUDIOS TUTORIAL

I saw a soul soaring to the stars by RobDickinson Add me

Live long and prosper. RIP Leonard Nimoy

SUNRISE EXTREME by chrisbabidaacaso Add me

Methane bubbles form in bodies of water when dead organic matter (leaves and animals) falls into the water and sinks to the bottom, to the delight of bacteria waiting below. The bacteria munches on the matter and poops out methane, which turns to white floating blobs when it comes into contact with frozen water. Methane is formed in thousands of lakes around the arctic, but decreasing permafrost means more and more of this methane is being released into the atmosphere, a worrying trend for climate scientists who note that methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide ABRAHAM LAKE ALBERTA CANADA

Purple afternoon by JrnAllanPedersen Add me

normally you find the most purple light in the winter morning - This is the most purple afternoon I have ever seen Best on black ! You are welcome to visit my Facebook Page ---- > > Jørn-Allan-Pedersen-Photo

Biarritz by luliojose Add me

Land Of The Lost by Dylken Add me

South-West National Park, Tasmania. Taken deep in the remote, snake infested wilderness of South West Tasmania.

Riding out the Storm by hankklassen Add me

One More Step by IsaacGautschiPhotography Add me


Halfway by cresendephotography Add me

Always a good place to (re)visit ... Filters Used: Lee ProGlass 0.9 + Lee GND 0.9 HE Visit My Personal Site or follow me in Facebook

Reflection by KhushbooS Add me

Nan Pu Bridge by Wonderful1018 Add me

Road to Aurora by Justinreznick Add me

Aurora Borealis in Arctic Sweden. Prints: Workshops: eBooks: eBooks

Eiffel Tower by HyungminMoon Add me

The Mill by Martynas Add me

Sadness by dens22us Add me

Perfect girl, perfect emotion

The Calm Before The Storm by flubwubs Add me

An often used viewpoint to capture the iconic peak of Buachaille Etive Mor, hopefully made a little different by the inclusion of the small twin eddies of water in the stream below. 12 hours after this was taken a massive blizzard swept across the mountains here, so i was lucky to grab this before the weather closed in.

Barn and Rainbow Palouse by phillips_chip Add me

I've been thinking about the Palouse so thought I'd upload an image from harvest season. It is such a peaceful time of year down there-small crowds and the potential for some pretty dramatic scenes. Many techniques used on this image are demonstrated in my editing videos: Image Editing Volume 1

bleeding sunset by apostolisforni Add me

a bleedind sunset with a lonely rock looking it

merdiven sbl by DilekMeneke Add me

Friday, February 27, 2015

Phantasmagory by MaciekMaciejowski Add me

Somewhere in the higher level,

Red Lip by ChaoPavit Add me

Photographer: Chaopavit Model: Praew Make up Artist: Praew

sadness by periklislaftsis Add me

Bronze Invasion by StefanHefele Add me

"Bronze Invasion" - Oregon Coast I´m preparing myself onto a new adventure with lots of sea and coastal landscapes. Then this photo from past year of the rough Oregon coast came into my mind. Many photographers have already photographed this place, but for me it was the first time. And as everyone knows, the first time is always something magic. Prints and licensing available. Facebook Fan Site

Chole for SOMA mag by tristanjud Add me

Published in SOMA Magazine.

HOT TRAFFIC by ThomasTemmerFotografie Add me

photo I thomas temmer model I linda

Árboles nevados en la niebla by jabiartaraz Add me


The essence of night by LibanYusufBW Add me

reflections by wimdenijs Add me

straumur houses