Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nastya by imwarrior

Paid lessons retouching. Live and video tutorials my retouching techniques and toning in Photoshop and Lightroom Join me on My Facebook Page And Follow My Instagram Join me on My VKontakte Page via 500px

Floating Above by Abdulkhalek

Clouds and fog filled the place after sunset, this scene had last for short time before it cleared up again. Taken with the super star Alex Noriega. Better on BLACK via 500px

The Two Towers by alexnoriega

2015 Autumn in Olympic Tour with Alex Mody Private Workshops and Tours Private Online Post-Processing Instruction Via Skype Like my Facebook Page A unique view of the tufa formations of Mono Lake, California under stormy skies at sunset. Looks best on black. Since the water level here has dropped in the past couple of years, compositions incorporating water or reflections are much harder to come by. This left me looking for a frame for these strange towers, and this was what found. I thought the curling wave formation of the foreground, along with the stormy skies, looked pretty SPOOKY. This image is comprised of several stacked exposures for depth of field at f/22 for the foreground frame (it was mere inches from my lens), one for the main formations at f/16, and one at f/8 for the sky. via 500px

Gisele Mop #1 by BenjoArwas

Gisele Mop by Benjo Arwas instagram: @BENJOARWAS via 500px

Gisele Mop #2 by BenjoArwas

Gisele Mop by Benjo Arwas instagram: @BENJOARWAS via 500px

Yashkuk Sar NE... by rizwansaddique

via 500px

Tree of Happiness by AaronGroen

For several days now I have been struggling to come up with a title for this image. Then an hour ago we got the news that our baby girls will be coming home next week. I am overwhelmed with happiness right now. Taken in eastern South Dakota April 22 2015 4am, 10 shot panorama, Canon EOS 6D and Canon EF 16–35mm lens, 20 second exposures f/2.8 6400iso. Prints --> via 500px

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jenna - Natural Light by parishdavida

Shoot with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with a 75mm lens. Shot in studio using natural light at Railyard Studios in El Paso, TX. Model: Jenna Hair/MUA: Heather DeShea via 500px

Lise * by Jaykreens

Hi friends, If you like my work, feel free to follow me on Facebook. :) My Facebook page : Jay Kreens I'm also on instagram : Jay Kreens via 500px

Lips by ntikhomirov

via 500px

Epic Smartphone Photo - Fire Angel for Huawei by Von Wong by vonwong

This photograph was taken with nothing more than a smartphone. See how it was done #huawei #p8 #epicsmartphone via 500px

Baptized in Red by OleHenrikSkjelstad

It wasn't this I expected when the aurora forecast predicted northern lights last week - deep red in all its splendor. A blend of two exposures. Iso 6400 and 30 secs for the sky and water. Iso 3200 and 100 secs for the ground. via 500px

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hico Supercell by kellydelay

This tornado warned supercell was one of the best, especially one of the most beautiful storms I have seen in in my years of chasing storms. I intercepted just North of Hico, TX (N. Central Texas). It had produced a tornado just minutes to my arrival. I hope you enjoy and please share! :) via 500px

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lonely Bench by Marik0

iPhone 5s via 500px

Stokksnes 9 a.m. (II) by Carlosmacr

When i traveled 2 years ago to Iceland, there was one night when i didn't plan anything special, as the place where we were sleeping was still far from the Jokulsarlon and travelling with family was not the perfect time to drive alone 200 km during the night. So i when driving to the hostel i saw in the road a sign where written Stokksnes. So next day, before sunrise i drove to that place which i though was very unknown as i had not read anything about it before the trip. :-) Once there i was completely alone and the place really amazing. When i finished the trip and came back home i could see that i was completely wrong as i started to see in 500px, almost everyday, a shot from this location. I am happy i decided in the last minute to visit this fantastic location, not far from the city where we were sleeping, in Höfn. Just wonder what would be if i had came to this place in the night, when we could see clear northern lights from Höfn :) Thanks for your visits and wish you all a nice weekend ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cuando visité hace dos años Islandia con mi familia llevaba todo muy planeado. Todo salvo la noche o el amanecer de la noche que pasariamos en Höfn. Al ir con familia me daba cosa conducir solo hasta Jokulsarlon durante la noche, ya que estaba a cierta distancia. Pero conduciendo de camino a Höfn vi unos km antes una indicación a Stokksmes, lo que pensaba que sería una localización poco conocida. Me fui para allá al amanecer y no encontré a nadie, por lo que me reafirmé en que era un sitio desconocido, lo cual me extrañaba por la belleza del lugar. Al volver de viaje me di cuenta de que estaba completamente equivocado. Aunque no fuera una de las paradas típicas para los turistas, estaba claro que sí lo era para muchos fotógrafos, pues raro era el dia en que no veía en 500px una foto del lugar. :-)) Sólo me preguntó lo bonito que podría haber sido de haber visitado el lugar pocas horas antes, de noche, ya que esa misma noche pudimos ver en Höfn, pese a haber cierta contaminación lumínica, las auroras boreales. Gracias por tu visita y que pasen todos un buen fin de semana :) via 500px

Chewing gum tree by Fotoaguado

Dedicated to my daughter Ariadna, today is her first birthday ;-) ------------ INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY -------------- Now, you can follow my work on: DOLCEFOTO My new web together with Marta See You in: FB / Twitter Thank you very much for your visits and comments :-) via 500px

Guidance. by Meidany

This is a Great Location on Lido Of Venice i i was a hard work walking to the point but when you get there you going to love the place .is not typical Venice spot .i was checking the weather for a week to be good for LE black and white and finally the day arrived . via 500px

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gateway into Iran (III) by MRafiee

From a series of fine art black and white photographs showing the unique beauty and architectural detail of the symbol of Tehran, Azadi Tower, Iran. Azadi Tower is a post-modern architecture designed by Iranian-Canadian architect "Hossein Amanat " in 1971 to commemorate the 2500th anniversary of the first Persian empire. If you are interested in my works find me and follow me in Facebook | 500px | Flickr via 500px

Red Umbrella by DigitalArtPhotography

"Paraigua Vermell" via 500px

To The Sun by vernonote

Thank you so much for viewing my images! And have a great weekend everyone! via 500px

Michael Keaton by lukefontana

@LukeFontana via 500px

Gold Miner's Daughter - YYZ Magazine by adamodepax

Copyright 2015 Adamo de Pax Photography by Adamo de Pax Styling by Alexandra Loeb Hair & Makeup by Natalie Ventola at P1M Model Clhoe at Plutino Models via 500px

Friday, April 24, 2015

Nerthus´ Potion by stianklo

PLEASE VIEW ON BLACK! Don't miss out on the chance to explore Arctic Norway and Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway in particular, please check out for phototours/workshops + additional information, itineraries and more pictures. Tourguides are Arild Heitmann and yours truly. Book your spot today at and be sure to follow us at Facebook - Join our mailinglist for exclusive news and offers. via 500px

Vietnam by Sandralesvigne

Vue d'en Haut Vietnam 2015 via 500px

Revelation by williampatino

A moment of gold and rain in New Zealands Southern Alps. via 500px

Alexia in blue by pierreturtaut

full story : model Alexia Cicard mua Emilie Lovicourt Mua via 500px

Burning sky by momomo2012

You can also follow my work on my facebook page here : Feel free to look, like and share. Thank you. via 500px

Ice queen beauty face by FabriceMeuwissen

from a ice snow series available on my facebook page via 500px

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Eternal Lines by darkrigel FB Page | Google+ | via 500px

Calbuco´s eruption by marceloutreras

April 22 2015 19:15 Puerto Montt Eruption Calbuco Eruption via 500px

Julia by Olga_sweet

via 500px

"Longing" II by VipulBhole

The coloured version. "For after all, we make our faces as we go along.." -May Sarton. The old lady sits on the threshold of her cottage with a fresh beautiful 'saree' on. She looks through the camera, as though, she is looking, through that lens, at her kin and saying,"I long for you. Hope I get to see you this year.." as her kin toils away in the urban nodes, for a better life. via 500px

Ploumanac'h Lighthouse by jgiordano

The Lighthouse of Ploumanac'h in Brittany, France. Perros-Guirrec is a beautiful place. I used my Lee Filter (big stopper) with my Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. J'aime la Bretagne!! via 500px

The Seeker #4 by linesiam

The Seeker series : The never ending quest of man... via 500px

For Eternity by MAPhoto

We have said, that as photographers, we are artists. But art is not simply about what is captured. Art is about what is spoken. What is spoken comes from within. It evokes a connection with an idea, or a subject, or even a mood. And in that connection somewhere there must be a bond that runs deeper than simply what is before us at that moment. It must be unique to us. I feel the best images, this art, must speak from what is inside ourselves first. This image is about what I want to believe in. Here I saw clarity and strength in times of turbulence and unknown. I wanted to make an image that captured this feeling. This is from Patagonia. Cerro Grande peak with lenticular wave clouds and blowing snow. A Condor rides the wind free from it all. via 500px

Per Aspera ad Astra by lightpix

Milky Way bow over hiker on Faltegartenkoepfl Tyrol, Austria. I named the pic "Per Aspera ad Astra"‬ (through hardships to the stars) for I haven't experienced a comparable cold bivouac the whole winter (and yes, we´ve had a few this winter season ). Pretty weird that the coldest one in winter season 2014/15 had been the first bivouac in spring. The whole equipment had been covered with frost within minutes. If I hadn´t used a "Lensheater" I would´t have been able to realize a single 30 sec shot without frost on the front lens. After one hour of shooting even my clothes had been covered with frost and after 3 hours I had to get in my expedition down sleeping bag for my toes had been completely numb. At least I have been able to realize two shots I had been thinking of for months. Only in spring the milky way has the perfect alignment for the "bow" over the hiker. In the light polluted valley you can see my home 1500m below. During my toes were coming back to "life" tinglingly and stingingly, my second camera had been shooting a timelapse sequence for the rest of the night. via 500px

Glow by Muhammad_naseef

via 500px

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

bodyscape by belovodchenko

Beautiful body of young woman over dark background via 500px

RISE by pro_flicks

I call this one rise because of the viewpoint. I snapped this looking up, while in traffic, through the sunroof of my SUV on a very nice spring day in Philadelphia. via 500px