Saturday, January 31, 2015

Floating Crystals by PatrickMarsonOng Add me

A short sunset hike towards Tasman Glacier Lake. One of my favorite hikes from our late winter trip last 2013. An ever-changing scenery backed by Mt. Tasman and a side peak of Mt. Cook. This place greets you with huge and loose icebergs of all shapes and sizes! Planning yet another July 2015 trip. Hope to catch this lake on a dead winter season. Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers!

sunset under the small tree by JrnAllanPedersen Add me

sunset and reflections in the snow BEST ON BLACK You are welcome to visit my Facebook page

Snow III by FabbWinter Add me

Untitled by haikeu Add me

Loneliness... by shiyanovanatalia Add me

taken in Ilisu village, Azerbaijan

S.maria in castello (Tarquinia) by MauroGatti1 Add me

Chiesa S,maria in castello a Tarquinia provincia di Viterbo nel lazio,cattedrale fino al 1435 fu poi abbandonata in seguito e più volte restaurata.Di forme romaniche costruita tra il 1121 ed il 1208 sulle presistense della cappella altomediovale s. maria ad rupes.Oggi non c'è visitatore del centro storico di Tarquinia che non fa visita alla chiesa.

Wind, Sun and Waves by brianguthphoto Add me

Dawn light shines on waves.. While 20 knot offshore winds blow them apart

Camellia by arbor Add me

pottery kiln by IsmailTuncalp Add me

Magic Mushroom ll by siphoto Add me

A wild Bank Vole (Myodes glareolus) feeding from the top of a Butter Cap mushroom. Shot through fallen leaves and bracken.

Bull Elk: long distant call by bedobe Add me

This herd bull is bugling to all those around, and striking a pretty pose in the process. Normally would not have used 1000 ISO (used a 7D) but this was taken before the ambient light was sufficient.

Supplication by malqahtani Add me

If you want to feel comfortable and trust if closer to the Lord .

Hojecer silencioso by xurxo Add me

Hamburg by andrasbacskai Add me

Cologne Skyline by savvygogh Add me

Shot on September Photokina 2014, processed with luminosity mask

✺ ✺ ✺ J O U R N E Y ⎟O F ⎟F A I T H ✺ ✺ ✺ by bobmix_alot Add me

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park (Te Wahipounamu) NEW ZEALAND ©BOBBY BARRAMEDA ⎪iMAGE ⎪2K15 Canon 5D MARK III ⎪ Canon 16-35mm f2.8 Mark II⎪LEE Pro Glass⎪LEE 105mm Polariser⎪ Manfrotto Q2 Ballhead ⎪ Phottix Aion Wireless remote ⎪Singhray Filter For Best image resolution click the link below: Feel free to share and visit my page @

Sunset's reflections by andreamagnani Add me

Cesenatico (Italy)

Mystik sticks by victorndende Add me

reflection of sticks emerging from the shadows...

Northern Pygmy Owl with Vole by moesphotohobby Add me

A Northern Pygmy Owl that just caught a field vole before sunset.

Bavarian Classic by MCastro17 Add me

Neuschwanstein in the Bavarian Alps (stitched panorama) I’ve wanted to visit this place for while now. I was pretty excited with the weather forecast; it was supposed to snow for 3 days and on the fourth day it was supposed to be sunny. So I though, perfect! I flew into Frankfurt from Qatar, and drove to Hohenschwangau (the village near the castle) where I stayed for a few days. The place is beautiful, but at this time of the year the trees aren’t looking that great so the place it’s really not at its best, unless you get a lot of snow. Things weren’t looking so good, the weather forecast didn’t come through when it was supposed to, but I was determined to stay there and wait for the right conditions. On day 6 I decided I wasn’t going to stay more than 7 days, but the snow finally came. It snowed heavy all night, but the sky looked horrible early in the morning, except for about 10-20min when the sun almost came out and I was able to take my shots.

Wineglass by KenHiwatashi

via 500px

Il pianto del Cigno by EOS60 Add me

Blue Velvet by SamBastien Add me

Anémones France

Mesa Arch Utah by clpeay Add me

Sunrise at beautiful Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Beautiful winter by omidfarrokh Add me

Kurdistan Nature _ Sardasht

* * * T o o . L o n e l y * * * by DanskieDijamco Add me

We had a rough morning that we weren't able to see a good sunrise but our afternoon was more productive and a better sunset.

Portrait by The-Maksimov Add me

model: Catherine Timokhina photo by: Maxim Maximov FB: BK:

Feels good! by tresflip Add me

Engines At Dawn by ianmcgregor Add me

Two CP Rail engines come to life in the early glow of the winter sun. Engines At Dawn 094613v2 Website: Ian McGregor Photography Facebook: Page

late evening by francaperra1 Add me

Seljalandsfoss waterfall by SiggiPhoto Add me

Seljalandsfoss waterfall last night, lit up by floodlights and accompanied by some northern lights. =)

La calle oscura by mariluzrodriguezalvarez Add me

Days End by gjim9beam Add me

As the day ends the sunsets light colors every thing in a long exposure along the bay. Best on black!

Sanderlings all in a row... by Alex_Appleby Add me

Tanji beach, Gambia.

Life Ends With A Sunset by leireunzueta Add me

Castle Erching by maikeismann Add me

defiant by mato020 Add me


... by stein Add me

Avon Pier by Stoge Add me

Selfie at Boracay Island by lumagbasphotography Add me

My newest photo upload at Boracay Island, Philippines

The Morning by jakubsodomka Add me

Follow collection or

S E N T I N E L by tpoulton001 Add me

As a landscape photographer we all have our bogy location that no matter how many times you visit it just doesn't come together and then someone else comes along and nails it first time. Norah Head Lighthouse has been one of those location for me but on this occasion everything just hooked up with dramatic clouds and sweet golden light caressing the scene!. Would love to hear about your bogy location. Your appreciation is always welcomed!

Hummingbird's Exquisite Display by bhweberphotography Add me

Male Costa's hummingbird unrivaled display shines through a sea of purple butterfly bush flowers. University of California, Riverside. Botanical Garden.

*** by Hakka Add me

640 x 40 seconds, f2.8, iso500 S.S. Specke shipwreck, Phillip Island.

In the Line by martas Add me

morning dream by marveros Add me

*** by katerynakonstantynova Add me

Photo: Anna Doktor MUA: Lika Glazkova Retouch: Kateryna Konstantynova

She by nicholasjaved Add me

Casino by stol2004 Add me

Black sea

Rag Doll by FlexDreams Add me

Model: Maria MUA: Renata Khairullina Hair: Judy Wudy Style: Iva Basara Assistant: Inna Kikhtenko Retouch: Big Bad Red