Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mental Rush by johannesnollmeyer

After arriving in Spain with Guerel Sahin, we had an extremely stormy day, so it was impossible to shoot and keep the tripod sturdy, so we decided to wait for the sunset on the other day. The strong wind and some rain were still there, but the sky seemed to break until night... i fell in love with the rough coast and thought about how to show that in one image - even if it ended in getting hit by a big wave and somehow nothing was broken. If you enjoy my work, please feel free to follow me on facebook, instagram and of course, here on 500px! :) via 500px

Starlit Veil by iso100_photography

Pre dawn over the Magog Lake, at the base of Mt. Assiniboine, BC, Canada. Perfect reflections on a pretty spectacular morning with the purple pre dawn glow made for a pretty magical scene… Looking at this now makes me feel pretty special in being lucky enough to stand there in that moment and shoot that scene. What a place!! Take me away from the crowds into the mountains any day… Mt. Assiniboine, you have rocketed to my number one all time favourite place. FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE via 500px

Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) by Bunyarra

Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) via 500px

Sleeping Gondolas II by IyadSalik

Hope u like it :) more of my work here: via 500px

september'15 by vicoolya-saida

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Goodbye, sweetheart by RichardWakefield

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Alicia. by marasaizphoto

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Leap of Youth by morkelerasmus

There are few spectacles in nature that compare to the drama of the annual Great Migration between the Serengeti and Maasai Mara...I am just back from hosting a photo safari to our authentic camp on the banks of the Mara river - and our guests had several EPIC crossings very close to camp... Prints can be ordered directly by mailing PRINTS@MORKELERASMUS.COM You can join me on safari: WILD EYE PHOTO-SAFARIS Other links: WEBSITE FACEBOOK GOOGLE+ This photo is Copyrighted © Morkel Erasmus Photography. via 500px

Reflection by hashbrown26

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Good morning SF by basiciggy

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waiting.. by rzleytheshoots

Thamel market @ Katmandu ,Nepal via 500px

Bam by chakritchanpen76

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The Kiss by Naf_Selmani

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Beams by zlphotography

if interested in using this photo or any other one on my stream, let me know and send me an email. thank you For print order or digital download check the links below. via 500px

Water Flows Home by christianlim

Hi Everyone! Just finished an amazing autumn tour with Iurie Belegurschi Photography of here is a profile image of me doing some hiking from the higher falls above kirkjufell during my extra days after the tour with my mate from the UK, Shaun Young. via 500px

Mi tierra V by miguelangelmartin

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Balıkçı by umutsabuncu via 500px

Ridô by eeggoo

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Waipio Mirror by nsell112

Taken at Waipio Valley,Big Island of Hawaii on a perfect morning no wind, glassy waves , epic lIght, Aloha Nick via 500px

Autumn Lilly by JakeOlsonStudios

To to follow my complete body of work please like my Facebook Page through this link! See you all there and thank you! -> JAKE OLSON STUDIOS FACEBOOK via 500px

Dawn Patrol by jessesummers

Dedicated to the artists that seek to further the craft rather than achieve personal fame. via 500px

His Shadow by JessicaDrossin

I had an amazing experience being a guest artist, teaching in Yorkshire, England, in the heart of Bronte country. Model: Rose Muirhead. Please follow me here: Facebook I Google + I Twitter I Instagram Edited with my photoshop actions available here. via 500px

Picture Lake Sunrise by crazyaboutnature

It was a cloudless morning for sunrise on this particular day...but the light was nice on Picture Lake. via 500px

A Peak into Bleak Future by Like_He

I hope you enjoy this photo! My 1x page: My Zenfolio page: via 500px

Maria by kkonst

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Deep valley by TigerSeo

Sangdong moss valley in Kangwon-do, Korea. via 500px

Different space by IchiroMurata

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I built this city by zdcobraz

Kuala Lumpur 500px Fujifilm Global Photowalk 2015. ‪ via 500px

No more Blood Moon by OmerGul

A lil cure for those who are suffering from the "blood moon" fever :) The moon was shot last night from my roof. The dune and the man were added later in PS and final finishes with a lil voodoo magic :) Max and enjoy the composite :) via 500px

Time Traveller by razzrozzfaisalmohdrazalli

I was doing my photowalk in Agra India when this shot was taken. via 500px

Sunset at TAJ by lalnallath

A grand sunset at the Taj Mahal Agra.. via 500px

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The 4th Element by iandthecamera

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Celestial Assiniboine by ccollacott

Yes, I know, another shot of Assiniboine ;). It is, however, one of a kind view, and probably one of my favorite places in BC. This is a composite of 36 images: two rows (ground) @ 70mm and the sky @ 24mm, then blended panoramic style into a single image. Since I used the Canon 5DSR, you can imagine that the details are incredible.The file is about 11GB in size! If you want to see some zoomed in shots to show the detail, I have posted them in comments on my facebook post.. click here to see those (you should!!) I've been asked many times why I bother with all the work of getting such massive resolution - what is the point of it all? Well, in this case, for this image, it is for fun ;). I actually enjoy the process and challenge. For many of my other images, and especially the cityscape images, it is because my main source of revenue is the sales of prints. I'm lucky in my little corner of the world, as I'm able to sell 200->500 prints per month on average, and mostly 4 to 6 feet wide prints - so they are pretty big. When printed at that size and even larger - megapixels actually mean something in terms of detail and clarity. If you put a single shot at 6 feet wide next to a multi-row panoramic composite - the pano will blow the single shot away in terms of detail. Some may argue that most people stand 5 feet away from a print on the wall, so that much detail does not matter. I know for a fact, however, people actually always go right up to it, and look at it even from several inches. So this is why almost all my work is done in multi-row pano style. Mostly because I enjoy the process, and also, as a bonus, it helps when selling prints, as the detail blows people away. And with all that, i can do what I love to do full time (I worked in the IT industry for 17 years until I quit in 2012 to go full time photog). This was taken on a workshop/tour I co-led with One of a Kind Photography. We will be returning again in Sept 2016 so if you want to join in, keep posted as details will be out at the end of Oct!! via 500px

The Edge by Arild_Heitmann

A different take on the iconic Skogafoss. People were giving me weird looks when i climbed down to the edge, like i was some kind of madman. I have to admit it was kinda scary standing just inches away from the drop. Combine that with crazy amounts of spray and the thundering roar from the waterfall, this was a very tense moment :-) We are doing another crazy cool Iceland tour in june 2016. Drop me a mail if youre interested. If you want the chance to explore Arctic Norway and Lofoten in particular please check out for phototours/workshops + additional information, itineraries and more pictures. Tourguides are Stian Klo and yours truly. Sign up to our Mailing list - Facebook - Google+ - Instagram via 500px

Consuming The Full Moon by jkoci

The earth's curved shadow slowly covers the full moon during the latest lunar eclipse. via 500px

A cold autumn morning by danypara

After a rather cool night, the early morning light illuminated the mountain ridges ... A beautiful moment shared with Sylvain Clapot Best view in large ! (Press M) French Alps, Fine art prints are available on my website © Daniel Paravisini via 500px

Super Blood Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, 2015/09/28 by g__g

Eerie phenomenon lights the sky A wondrous sign of nature ♪♩ ♫ ♩ ♪ ♫ via 500px

My manarola by FedericoNotamo

Ligurian's hospitality is legendary ... restaurants close at 9 then eat while doing a sunset is a problem ... I had just arrived octopus and I had to be away ... fortunately the sunset was beautiful ... via 500px

Matterhorn in Zermatt by JamesBinder


Cloud descending 2 by Like_He

Canal Park, the Knuth, Minnesota. I hope you enjoy this photo! My 1x page: My Zenfolio page: via 500px

Morning Mist by guerelsahin

misty autumn morning in the dolomites after a very rainy night.. if you like my work, you can follow me on FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM WEBSITE PINTEREST thanks via 500px

On the edge of the forest by henrikhansen

Taken on a morning walk thru the local forest.. via 500px

Self portrait by jacobrobertsphoto

A self-portrait experiment. via 500px

Wanderwraith by PhoenixfeatherLight

©Andrea Effulge/Phoenixfeather Light via 500px

Taipei City by a3784152

Taipei City, Taiwan If you like my photos, please follow my FB page! Thank you very much! Water Fan Photography via 500px

Cloud Divide by everlookphotography

Tasman Lake Mount Cook National Park This is the view in the opposite direction 50m upstream at the south end of Tasman lake from where I was photographing the previous scene. The original plan was to wade across in waders to the other side where the icebergs were having waded across Hooker lake a couple of years ago back when the trail ended on the left side only. A few metres in and I realised that the current was way too strong for me to attempt this venture so I set up on the west side of the river mouth where I've always found Mount Cook to be in an awkward position. No close up icebergs but the sky was beautiful :) [hmm, if I could replace this photo with the correct version like in flickr , that would be great but for now, apologies for the rightward slope! for those interested, the proper version here on our smugmug [Untilted!] [Essential Field Guide Ebook] [Focus 11 ebook] [Prints and Tutorials] via 500px

KX by LeeJeffries

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Fantasy land by dinom via 500px

Draumalandið by DanielHerr

I don`t know if you better press "H" for black background or if you need some white field around to internalize the mood of this (nighmarish) photo. via 500px

Lost by nicoet

Instagram: @nicoet via 500px