Monday, September 30, 2013

Belvedere - San Quirico d'Orcia 2 by LeonardoAcquisti

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Indian summer by fredericnoyon via 500px

The colours of nature by kanipolat

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Time to go to Work by SergioSmiriglio

This morning the fog was thick and I went out to look for...something. This is one of the things I found. The sun is rising over Schunemunk Mountain, The highest peak in Orange County NY, That makes it not-so-big when compared to real mountains. via 500px

Desvanecerse... by ASM19366

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sunset by photopia500px

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Vernazza by Tvitter

Vernazza - the second town of Cinque Terre via 500px

Sand by plmzb

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Red Dress by GLVisuals

Model Olesya Barinova by Gukkaev and Loginov 2012. via 500px

Camel riding on Gobi Desert, Mongolia by prasit_chansareekorn

Camel riding on Gobi Desert, Mongolia via 500px

Santa Maddalena in Val di Funes by hanskrusephotography

This photo was shot during the PODAS September 2013 photo workshop in the Dolomites. via 500px

Dawn on the Leash by sheffypricey

Leash Fen, Derbyshire Peak District via 500px

The hidden Valley by myst1cal

Taken at sunrise in Monument Valley via 500px

Cuneiform by nai17 via 500px

QUIET by SymplImages

" A happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life, for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet that true joy dare live. " Bertrand Russell You may wish to click on image for exposure...Please enjoy via 500px

*** by YaroslavnaN

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Test by AlexeiBazdarev via 500px

Untitled by davidwilson669

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iLham ... by YacineEdga

here's my facebook fan page i'll be glad if you guys can join me :) via 500px

Misty Awakening by vesnazivcic

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Above the sky by vampir265

Sky. top view via 500px

*** by Andrew_Oksamyt

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Top of Dubai by IvanLee1

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The Moon and me by mmeida

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Light is breaking by catolla

Sunshine behind windmill in morning fog, Holland via 500px

Prepare for Launch by ashleyvincent

* CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENHANCE * If you'd like to see more pictures of this beautiful princess and her sister, as well as read about how clouded leopards became my favourite cat of all, please feel free to check out my latest blogpost: Arguably The Most Beautiful Cat in The World Thanks for your time and wishing you a great one ahead! New Website: | Blog | Fine Art America | Facebook | Flickr via 500px

Sunset @ Mu Cang Chai by Rat007

Sunset of Rice Terrace @ Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam via 500px

Chasing Tail by RickWhite

Pacu Jawi in West Sumatra Indonesia check out my blog at via 500px

Series: riddles of the dream by flavioparreiras

Deserted beach in Aracaju (Br-MG) is a good place for a shot with enigmatic trends endless. Thank you all! via 500px

Her majesty has arrived by locustgirl

This is dedicated to my dear friend Dave whom I met at the field where there were great gray owls. He is the first person I have ever met in real life who shares the EXACT same passion as me when it comes to owls, and the same intensity as well. Such a kind and sweet soul and NEVER lets his ego get in the way, a beautiful and rare quality these days:) This image is © Heather King. You may not use this or any of my images (in whole or in part). All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited. Taken with Canon 7D EOS 70-300 mm lens taken at 300mm AS IS Taken in east end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada via 500px

Sun bathing by PCHT

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hemh.... by dewan

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Lucky at Upper Tipsoo by matthewh133

*** Please click to view in lightbox Incredible view of the snow covered east side of Mount Rainier, taken from Upper Tipsoo Lake. Sorry to those who favorited/liked before, had to re-upload after some changes. Taken a little after my other shot from here: Prints available. Contact me at the email on my profile. via 500px

Untitled by johnny4ka

photo: Anna Dudnik model: Daria Krivobatova makeup: Anna Dudnik Dasha student of grade 11. via 500px

Wanted Dead or Alive by thomasconrad

A study shows that one shark is worth $ 179.000 (per year) or US$1.9 million over its lifetime for Tourism only. The same shark dead sold for consumption $ 108. Check on this video Each year over 100 million sharks are getting killed for a deli called "Shark Fin Soup". This practice is already threatening the stability of the marine ecosystem. Phytoplankton contributes up to 85 percent of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere.So please stop eating shark fin soup. It just doesen't make any sense! If you care and would like to do something, you may talk to restaurant owners to remove shark dishes from their menu. Or you take some time and write a mail to the editor, when sharks dominate the headlines as monsters. If you want to share the whole thing or parts of it on twitter or facebook, please do so. Thank you!!! via 500px

Alpacas de paja by eduardo_menendez

Un atardecer en Uclés, con unas alpacas de paja. Me gustan más redondas, pero es lo que hay jejeje!!! This is a sunset at Uclés, Madrid. I prefer them to be rounded....its the way they do it here!!!! Hope you like it via 500px


Es una de mis favoritas, fue un día de Niebla en las Tablas de Daimiel en Ciudad Real, tuve la gran suerte de coger en el disparo al ave y a un fotógrafo que no lo conozco que iba delante de mi, aproveche la ocasión y capturé la imagen. Espero que guste la foto via 500px

Mei Saki by larsonski

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Morning Flair by SurfingEye

Massive shorebreak backwash. Use the 3 people (black dots) under the lip for scale. via 500px

Catching flowers by alerossiniphoto

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The (Water)Fall by PhotonPhotography

Skogafoss, Iceland. Please follow my works on Google+ or like the PhotonPhotography Facebook page , to get daily updates on my photos ! Thanks a lot for your support! via 500px

Fairy tale forest by kujaja

Janejira by NiconCanon1

Lovely as always. via 500px

Majestic Asturias by efossati

A wonderful light at the Playa del Silencio. I taken this shot while the tide went down. ND 0,9 Polarizer 6.6x6.6. via 500px

Untitled by slavisavajic

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New York Sunset by Amador_esquiu

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Small school by sarawutkaka

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Loch Chon by sebastian-loegering

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Autumn is coming by radekrezny

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brave by AlenaKycher

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