Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Untitled by yohei_sawamura

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Untitled by SkanderKhlif

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Untitled by ig_nobu

Processed with PICSPLAY via 500px

Peaceful by gretalarosa

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Walking Priest by AntoineTardy

Taken just a couple hundreds meters off of the Piazza Navona, in Rome. The main challenge for me was to outrun this priest in order to get this shot. He was remarkably fast at walking and reading at the same time. Mind you: he wasn't reading on his smartphone like us all. It rather looked to me like the bible! via 500px

Siberian lifestyle by Bulanov

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Icelantic chill down by FedericoRavassard1

Skiing in Iceland makes you so stoked that you have to boiling down like this. via 500px

In the hole. by WyanEle

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Laundry Day by edutilos

Stirling Road, Singapore via 500px

Virginia Tomarchio in elegance by RedBullPhotography

Virginia Tomarchio performs during the Flying Bach Teaser Shoot in Rome, Italy. Mauro Puccini/Red Bull Content Pool Red Bull Photography via 500px

Riding in town by Kunddahl01

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Peace not war by jtrof

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Below the chaos by gubbfet

http://ift.tt/1bpiRMo http://ift.tt/1KOnsui http://ift.tt/1FAkDZN via 500px

Camping with Loki by RobSese

Loki the wolfdog in Arizona last weekend. via 500px

brisa de verĂ£o by richardrhyme

Brazilian model Dyone wearing an original elegant evening wear creation from Toronto designer Geoffrey Davis via 500px

In the church by juanmari

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

From the Shadows by ChristopherMichel

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Parasol by masa-na

Miyagi, Japan, 2016 via 500px

The Nine Fairies Pond by rjyoun09

This is one of the Wolchulsan peaks. I've been here the day after rain. myths that there appeared nine dragons live she saw the dead with water. This is the mysterious a legend. As if I think felt the spirit of the myths via 500px

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fragments of Hanoi by peterstewartphotography

A birds eye view of the various forms of street traffic seen in the city centre of Hanoi, Vietnam. This image is the result of various composite frames to form a final result. http://ift.tt/18bzc0l Follow my latest updates on: Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter via 500px

In search of light by giuseppechiauzzi

The photographer in this shot is my friend Valter Joannas You're welcome to follow me on my My Facebook Page, A Journey in Music Facebook Page , Instagram, Twitter and My website . A Journey in Music is a project that brings together music with images, inspired by the concept of synesthesia. via 500px

Thank F*^k it's Friday ... by diverstef

Sail Rock, Thailand via 500px

Tame by AlessioAlbi

Model: A wild fox and Elsa Facchin via 500px

Friday, May 27, 2016

A Light Through the Ages by PavlosPavlou

First of all i would like to thank my dear friend -Koullis Sofokleous- for providing me his awesome RAW shot for my editing practices. You can check Koullis Sofokleous work -HERE- About my edit: I have edited this photo to have autumn colors which i love so much. Plus i have dodge&burn many parts of the photo and added a light source for a moody at About this location (Tzelefos bridge): Tzelefos bridge (Gefiri tou tzelefou) is a Venetian bridge that is located only 6km away from the village Agios Nikolaos. It’s the largest medieval stone bridge in Cyprus and it is built over the river of Diarizos during the period of 1489-1571 You can find me on -Twitter- and -Facebook- via 500px

Float On by KdKuiper

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Waking up for sunrise is always worth it. by JERM_COHEN

Vortex by Redbros

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Sunbeam... by Juliana_Nan

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Spring Light by TobiasRichter

Dramatic spring light above the Saxon Switzerland. Follow me on FACEBOOK Follow me on Instagram http://ift.tt/10RTJF1 via 500px

Sizzling Skies by PaulZizkaPhoto

We enjoyed our best aurora display on Mother's Day here in Banff National Park. For the most part, not overly bright, but the northern lights moved faster than I'd ever seen them, and at times ventured very far to the south. After a big day of mountaineering on the Columbia Icefield (shots coming!), we watched the skies glow green for hours all the way home to Banff (with an "emergency aurora stop" at Waterfowl Lake). Corona over Mount Chephren and Howse Peak. via 500px

Arctic Swells by ChrisBurkard

The frigid arctic swells never seem to get old. Check out this article I did with Landscape Photography Magazine. http://ift.tt/1rIIv9S www.chrisburkard.com via 500px

Sucking by IsMildAlfian

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Overtime by Thokuipers

The Zaanse Schans is a neigherhood of Zaandam (near Amsterdam, the Netherlands). It has a collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses, the ca. 35 houses from all over the Zaanstreek were moved to the area starting in 1961. I went to the Zaanse Schans last week with Wouter van Oosten to take some pictures. via 500px

_DDC3062.JPG by Doina-DomenicaCojocaru

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Wat Dhamakaya Thailand by michaschultephoto

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Untitled by Mindfuck

Processed with VSCO with 9 preset via 500px

Tokyo Kaos by boilerissimo

shibuya crossing via 500px

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Untitled by ig_nobu

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The Color Human by bobreugelmans

Your skin color determines how people see you. You can’t change it, it partly determines your identity and future, whether you want it or not. White as a norm is everywhere, despite the fact that the larger part of the world population doesn’t have a white skin color. Recently, big brands are developing products in all different shades of skin. Because isn’t this the essence? All colors are beuatiful on a heart of gold. via 500px

Flying with Mr Bentley the Dog by Rishad

Flying with Mr Bentley the Dog + his master and pilot, Bradley Friesen via 500px

*** by joanna_keler

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Dry ice by igorburba

Follow My Instagram Join My VKontakte page Presets for Photostop Lots of photos here via 500px

Untitled by barnabassiwila

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Le Louvre and the tourist. Paris. 2016. by suphalakphutpheng

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The Orange Hat by WaveFaber

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Asparagus risotto ingredients by coelfen

Ingredients for making green asparagus risotto on pink surface via 500px

Anna Lena. by OurTragedWillFindUs

More Photos: http://ift.tt/1ZpVM1x ourtragedywillfindus.tumblr.com via 500px

Just Dance by SakshamGangwar

During Stanford Powwow via 500px

mountain home vibes by RAMALAMASAMDONG

idaho sights ↟ new instagram ↟ via 500px

. by patrickjoust

patrickjoust | flickr | tumblr | facebook | books ... Mamiya C330 S and Sekor 80mm f/2.8 Fujichrome T64 via 500px