Friday, January 31, 2014

False Kiva. by rudi1976

False Kiva … located in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA.

Starry night by GustavMarkholm

Starry night in southern Sweden!

The Color of Serenity by LifeSoLyrical

reupload with 300dpi taken last year fall during a sunrise FB Page Google +

Iceland is Hot ... by IurieBelegurschi

Shot during our WINTER PHOTO WORKSHOP IN ICELAND It was very windy that day ... No reflection ... I was waiting one hour at this spot ... And finally got this reflection for 1 minute !!! Enough time to get only ONE shot ...

in morning light by ceciliach

Untitled by jaysjays

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Break on Through by MasonCummings

Please view on black. Ama Dablam, 22,493 ft. (6,856 m), as seen from Kala Patthar, 18,514' (5,643 m). This particular evening was the highlight of our 21 day trek through the Everest region of Nepal. We hiked up Kala Patthar for sunset to see the full moon rise over Mount Everest. It was a rare calm evening and the views were unlike anything I've ever seen. Fortunately turned my camera away from Everest for a moment to take some shots of Ama Dablam -- a lower, but much sexier peak when all is said and done. The aplenglow in the Himalayas is simply unreal, especially from a vantage point like Kala Patthar. I've been working obsessively on improving my workflow over the past month or so, and I finally feel like I'm beginning to get it dialed in. Video tutorials by Chip Phillips and Sean Bagshaw have been an instrumental part of my learning process, and a one-on-one session with Alex Noriega provided the much-needed breakthrough I've been looking for. Alex and I worked on a different image together earlier this week, and then I jumped right into this one with some of the techniques I learned during our session. The patterns upon patterns in the snow made this by far the most intricate and detailed image I've ever worked on. I hope you enjoy looking at it even a fraction as much as I enjoyed making it!

Untitled by guillermohz

boat on sunrises by dodyherawan

Fire and Clouds by christianlim

some of my very very rare images taken on homeland shores....

Fragmental by Froto

Stokksnes, Iceland 2014 My birthday began with a tasty little present from Stefan =) and a salty coffee, because we took some water from Jökulsarlon (Glacierlake) the day before and thought it would be fresh water...but it was NOT! But when we got out to take pictures everything went just perfect!! The sky cleared up more and more and some fog came in beneath the mountains. I took this one quite in the beginning, later the sky turned more purple. You will see ;-) Interesting Fact: At the end of the headland Stokksnes the Americans built a big radar-station in 1955 which is now used by the NATO.

The long walk home... by jemsalmonphotography

Morning by yurko

Ice on Ice by mpsmarcopolo

Castelleccio di Norcia - Perugia Italy

Above the Clouds by MichaelMatti

Throwback to this past summer's hike up Evergreen Mountain Lookout in Washington. This short hike puts you up above the clouds at around 5500 feet. The sunset the night we hiked up there was one of the most colorful displays of light I have ever seen. The amazing sunset combined with the low clouds made for this unique image of Evergreen Mountain Lookout.

Morning Working by wovu


Monte Lussari by Gitta

Monte santo Lussari is a holy pilgrimage, a place where the three major language groups meet in prayer and desire for peace. The Lussari Mount is situated in the center of the forest of Tarvisio, that also in this age of modernization and of realization of great public works has maintened its naturalistic beauties, also thanks to its rational exploitation of the resources that the forest produces. For this reason, in this habitat live a lot of animals (from the deers to the roebucks, chamoises, ibexes, who are been reintroduced successfully since 20 years), the golden eagle and other small predatories, the capercaillie (symbol of the forest of Tarvisio), the forcello cock, partridges and coturnici, foxes, hares and marmots, moreover occasionally are sight in forest the brown bear, the lynx and the wild boar. The natural contest is an example of are beauty as for the Lussari mount is surrounded by the highest tops of the chain of the Alps giulie, that stretched away also in the Slovenia; here can be admired the Mangart, The Cacciatore mount, the tops of Riofreddo, the group of the Jof Fuart and the Montasio(the highest top of the Italian Alps that is 2753 meters up below the sea level)). North, to the border with Austria it begins the chain of the Alps Carniche (Karnischen Alpen), here we can see the Oisternig Mount, and in distance can be admired, in the more limpid eyes, the chain of the hogh Tauri. until the Glossklochner (the highest Top of Austria that is 3700 meters up below the sea level). Thank you for visiting my gallery and I wish you a beautiful weekend .

Moonlit Night by dominickamp

Only one of the countless starry nights in New Zealand. This one was taken at Lake Wakatipu, an inland lake in the South Island, during a moonlit night.

Manavgat waterfall by Necax

Aurora over Kirkjufell by wimdenijs

Bridge to by martinjansenphotography

"PAINT THE TOWN RED" Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland by CARPE-LUCEM

"PAINT THE TOWN RED" Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland after a dull and an uneventful sunset, i decided to wait till it was dark enough so I can use the red glow of the lights from the tiny town of Bushmills and add drama to this capture.

Sunrise with the Sheep by SiewLamWong

BURNING SKY by Manbutur

The Little Red Bridge by almuhammady

Silent Bridge by udadennie

Jembatan Tumbang by eependi

The bridge that connects the small island, which is planned to be built Hindu place of worship, collapsed in 2006. Now lived leaves debris used as a fishing spot nearby residents.

Lake by ilhanm


Autumn by ginaups

The Created Void by almostacrayon

One last one from my trip down to Kiama on Australia day. :) A Lee 'Big Stopper' - 10 Stop and a 0.6 Soft GND was used. I'll be heading out on another photo trip real soon :D Any places that you want to see on the NSW coastline?

Ramparts Morning by bpverdoorn

The Ramparts reflected in a tundra pool shortly after dawn on an August morning where the sun broke through for the first time following several days of rain.

Light picturesque by hanan1407

Eruption under the stars by nic911

Eruption under the stars...

Norway Vastness by kamp1988

Taken on a trip to Norway a few years back. (2009) Just found it in one of my albums an thought to share it ;)

Chaterioux by Varasc

Very strong foehn wind at Chaterioux, over the Kiry Chapel, Lys Valley, Aosta Valley. An abandoned mountain village still holds firmly on the slope, facing the assault of its umpteenth winter.

Untitled by EmmyVViriyapanicpakdee

Tea plantation

#1 by Arild_Heitmann

A stunning sunset in arctic Norway.

Sweet Dream by Cesar_Vega

..Pine Trees.. by isola7512

And the sunset ...

The tree by giuseppepeppoloni

Tramonto - L'albero

Planinsko polje -80- by Gorazd-Kranjc

After sunset by Dionys_Moser

Deep snow area in Finnland

the bridge by enzodavide

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Old jetty by magmob67

Reflection of moving clouds

Fortress of Solitude by DustinLeFevre1

Ice Castle in Midway, Utah

Mirror Sunset by JonathanBesler

Reflection of the mountain Kirkjufell near Grundarfjörður in west Iceland. Please take a look at my Facebook page for more photos!

Nightfall by HougaardMalan

| Facebook | Website | Blog | Photo Tours | Like my facebook page for more frequent updates on travels, photos, tips, tutorials and photographic expeditions. Please view this image on my website where it will display against a dark background at it's intended resolution. The first stars appear in the sky as last light fades over the most beautiful tree in all of Namibia. This image is the intellectual property of Hougaard Malan. It may not be used in any way without the author's written consent.

El Semàfor by jpratpujBCN

Delta del Llobregat. El Semàfor

The Road under the stars by cndale

Under stars crossing a clear sky, a tortuous road runs through the bealock and zigzag down. By this photo, I try to express my perception about passage of time and infinity of universe. At an altitude of 4400 meters on the Balang mountain situated in west China, this image is achieved with a long exposure of 1 hour.

Frozen Sun by khanusiak

Low Winter Sun Illuminates Broken Ice at Lake Geneva