Monday, March 31, 2014

fog on the hills by marveros Add me

Lake Matheson II by poron Add me

Floating Clouds by Bavarian_DNA Add me

An HDR image of three different shutter speed exposures. Happy week days Ladies and Gentlemen

Thirty-degree fishing by alexsantyaga Add me

Thirty-degree fishing. Russia, Siberia, Surgut.

Lighting the galaxy by altaye6 Add me

Here is another photo for our last trip to Aljudi desert KSA, I went to the top of this slippery rock because I though it will be so beautiful to stand in the same level of the milky way. I hope you like it.

Mysterious Hallway by dthompson Add me

A mysterious hallway lies within a thick grove of poplar trees in the Pacific North West.

Another World by 2tone_Photography Add me

I love to photograph this place. The rocks and textures gives you the feeling of being on another planet.

Winter in Iceland by SarahMarino Add me

This is one of my favorite locations in Iceland. Within a small area, there is a tidal flat (pictured here), a wide black sand beach, black sand dunes, and a rocky section of coast. Add in these dramatic peaks and this is a pretty wonderful spot for a landscape photographer. During our first visit a few years ago in the summer and multiple visits to this spot during 2013, we did not see a single other person. Fast forward to 2014 and this area has achieved almost icon status among photographers. It is really shocking to see how quickly tourism has increased over the last few years in Iceland and this spot is a good barometer of the changes. On this particular day, we were very fortunate to find these ice sheets spread across part of the tidal flat, creating some unique conditions. This photo teaches a good landscape photography lesson – shoot conditions while you can. I figured we would have at least a few days to come back and photograph these sheets under different conditions. Even though the weather was quite cold, these sheets were melting and dirty the next day. If you are heading to Iceland or day-dreaming about visiting, you might be interested in our e-book on Iceland. You can learn more at Thank you, as always, for any comments!

Magic Mike by christianlim Add me

moeraki not mike but it had a better ring to it hence the title, been getting some better quality output from my HP to DELL IPS processing on screen as this image was then done by my old Lenovo machine so I've had to update some of my images via some new editing gear and techniques. this was taken submerged up to my waist without the waders, the water was a bit cold, had a flu the day after.

Singing in the rain by lucaeugeni Add me

Hooker valley Glacier sunrise by ScottyStephenson Add me

Hooker Valley glacier new zealand sunrise

Mirroring by petergarcia Add me

Keep It Simple II by worsoe1972 Add me

Yes I know, they look like hurdles :-)

GOOD LIGHT BEST FRIENDS... by raquel_de_castro Add me

North Photo Tour en Cabo de Gata, amanece en Cala Carbon, dentro del P.N de Cabo de Gata, encuentro con viejos amigos e inicio de nuevas amistades.Magníficos recuerdos de fotografía, bellas luces y genial ambiente.Un placer compartir y disfrutar de la visión fotografica de otros apasionados de la fotografía.

Untitled by goesena Add me

© goesena

The Return by JonathanDanker Add me

I present to you, my best masterpiece of sea scape photography to date. An all around perfect blend of nature as I saw it. Hope you like it! Camera Info: Canon 5d Mk 3 | Canon 16-35 f2.8L Mk2 | ISO 100 | f 10.0 | focal length 16mm (4 tile, 6 exposure panorama digital blend with 0.9 lee filter proglass and 0.9 hard gnd pulled down to get a full 3 stop ND) -- © Jonathan Danker My images are posted here for your enjoyment only. All rights are reserved. Please contact me @ if you are interested in using one of my images for any reason. As an initiative to make my works more exposed and for you, the viewer to have a more easier experience, I have created a facebook page for my photography. Please visit, like it and comment and I hope to see you there! Thanks for the support and encouragement!

Quelques minutes avant la fin du monde by Girolamo Add me

For this photo I used a manual "Digital Blending" between 3 different exposures (15s; 60s, 270s) (no tonemapping). I used a Canon EOS 50D with a Canon EF-S 10-22mm and a B+W 110 ND filter. I trided to give a "end of the world" side to this very spectacular Sunset. From the Girolamo's HDR Photo site:

Permatang Buluh by SaifulNizal Add me

Enjoying sunset by deepakhalwachi Add me

Urbanism by danyeidphotography Add me

Sheikh Zayed Road during rush hour Folllow me Facebook Follow me Twitter

Desenzano Del Garda (Brescia - Italy) by PhilFreez Add me

/////// Follow me on FB Luca Lorenzelli Photography ///// ///////Some of my best ones are also selled on Pixopolitan Pixopolitan/////// IF YOU WISH TO BUY SOME OF MY PICTURE PLEASE ASK TO "Enable Store"

Puffer by friscofoodie

This guy wouldn't stop moving, but I was able to capture his beautiful texture and eyes. via 500px

Apocalypse Now by Linz550 Add me

Picture your own movie scene opening right here! Bombo Quarry - a place I will be revisiting this Easter for a dawn shoot. If anyone is interested just message me! Taken an hour after the first light of dawn, the blues and purples have been enhanced here. Everything else is as you would see it particularly the rusty reds. Just love the utter desolation and shape of the hewn stones here. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Storm is coming by ilhan1077 Add me

Thousand island , İndonesia

desert at night .! by waleedp Add me

The desert at night Gorgeous scenery meets the eye. . This photograph was taken in Part of the land on the east side And picked up part of the sky to the south. Then the merger in Photoshop . اللهم لك الحمد حتى ترضى من أجمل ما تراه العين هو مشهد مجرة النجوم . إلتقطت هذه الصورة على جزئين، جزء الأرض تم تصويره من جهة الشرق وذلك كون تكوين الرمال فيه مميز واستخدمت لإضاءته كشافات السيارة كي تتضح خطوط الرمال ثم إلتقطت جزء السماء من جهة الجنوب وكلا الجزئين في ليلة واحدة ومكان واحد . ثم دمجتهم عبر برنامج الفوتوشوب Nikon D600 + Photoshop

Sahara natural rock arch Libya by Africatracks Add me

Sahara Libya- Huge natural rock arch. Forzhaga Arch. ©Patrick Galibert

Way of Love by pasqualedipilato Add me

Manarola village, located in the National Park of the Cinque Terre. Shooting stolen at dawn on a winter day. 2014 © Pasquale Di Pilato Is possible to follow:

Horizon by SergioMk Add me

horizon lac d Annecy

Slope by photopb Add me

Hills around Macerata, Italy Follow me on Flickr Behance Facebook Twitter

engelermeer by leonnnnnnnnn Add me

Sunset saterday 29 March after a nice spring day!!

To sun come down and rise again... by anapiccaso Add me

Hello to all , long time i didn't upload here some photo.. so for my return I choose one of photos what is different from what I have here.. Yes.... like you can see is a sunset and totally without model.. now is nice panoramic moment between nature and us humans when is sun saying to us... wait me and enjoy in my beauty now and I will come soon again... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And one more thing , Because im new in this type of photography , If any one have some comment & critique bad or good... please write , me to know where I make mistake and to improve my self ... Thank you all :)

old wild coast by juances Add me

Panorama from 9 portrait shots.

Sunset on the road by Vali_Greceanu Add me

Sunset on the road Vali Greceanu 2014 - Toate drepturile rezervate. Fotograf Profesionist

Soaptree Yucca by alexburkephoto Add me

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico - February 2014 White Sands is a truly incredible place. The gypsum sand is so fine and purely white, making for some of the best looking sand ripples I have seen. The hues around sunrise and sunset were colors I had never seen before in nature. This is a soaptree yucca growing on top of a dune, captured during that special moment of light as the sun was just halfway above some clouds on the horizon. Shot notes: Provia 100f 4x5, 210mm lens 1 second at f45, polarizing and warming filters

The Old Barn by rachmathias Add me

Welsh stone architecture

Newport Beach Sunset by mickboy64s Add me

Fairy Forest by ingridlamour Add me

A foggy morning in a forest near "Hohe Acht" - the highest Mountain in Eifel.

||| Dreamless ... by zakies Add me

This picture was taken last week at Tanjung Lobang Miri Sarawak Malaysia. Thanks for your visit.

Icetastic 4 by christianlim Add me

waiting for a big one which never came... some scattered fragments of ice along jokulsarlon beach during a tour I did back in 2013 with iurie Belegurschi.

Coucher de soleil à Manarola by kaki33 Add me

Sunset in Manarola Italy Cinque terre

Sakura at evening by saochan1931 Add me

Mountains Flowers by Atanasov7 Add me

Mountains Flowers

Marsala the Stagnone by LoriFullFrame Add me

i must export this one without anyone post processing ... any attempt to do it, it spoil the mood who i saw! Tokina Angenieux 28-70 f2,6-2,8

Sunrise and Mt.Fuji by jiratto Add me

ᄐᅠ Fumotopara, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan

Midnight Sun. by Lefineart Add me

*Midnight at the icelandic Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón* - If you like my Pictures, please support me on my Facebook Page...

Clearing Storm (Machu Picchu) by baddoguy Add me

After showering all time, finally the rain had gone. I had been waiting for a while before Machu Picchu appeared to my eyes. It is very fantastic moment.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stellar Winds by CapturingTheNight Add me

"Stellar Winds" Milky Way rising. Taken the same night and location as my previous upload "Green Energy". 16 image panorama (2 rows of 8), Canon 5DMK II, 50mm, F/2.8, ISO 3200, 10 second exposures.

Standing Watch by goldpaintphotography Add me

A Juniper snag stands watch over Dead Horse Point State Park in Eastern Utah. 2014 Night Sky Photography Workshops

In Deep by kahkityoong Add me

It's probable that I have photographed this west coast beach more than anyone else in the world. Testament to how amazing it is, I have never shot the same composition twice. On a gloomy foggy day, I captured this from a chest deep position, having waited for the tide to come up far enough to create the foreground I had in mind.

"Lighthouse at Hvaler" by theotriadafillos Add me

I took this picture around christmas. A lighthouse at hvaler, Norway. Hope you guys enjoy! Don't forget to fav or just press F and feel free to leave a comment