Sunday, May 31, 2015

*** by MarkusReugels

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05.04.2015 by MichaelEggers

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Sierra Five-0 by forreststanley

A good day for cloud surfing in Yosemite's Tenaya Canyon. via 500px

Swirls of Inspiration by Pcoskun

This location in the southwest was one of the most unique and incredible areas I have ever visited. Between the bizzare rock formations and varied colors in the rocks themselves, it was almost difficult trying to find something worthwhile to photograph. At one moment, I felt a little uninspired. While this area is indeed amazing, wandering around during the mid day sun does not make the landscape look very appealing. However, I took note of these swirls in the stones and watched as clouds began to move in. I walked back to this location hoping the clouds would be right over and create enough interesting patterns to contrast with the swirling rocks. I knew it was going to be a perfect candidate for a black and white image and imediatly got my inspiration and excitement back. Just minutes later, the skies cleared apart and left big blue skies above. Luckily, the clouds reappeared just in time for sunset... via 500px

From the Mists by JustinGrimm

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but as a landscape photographer I have created a "bucket list" of rare shots I dream of capturing. This is not a list of specific exotic locations I wish to shoot though. Instead, it is a list of rare combinations of light, weather conditions, and natural formations that I am constantly on the lookout for. This misty hoar frost scene taken from the beautiful Bow Lake of the Canadian Rockies is the first time I've managed to witness one of these very specific combination of elements. Because of that, it is probably my favourite image I've ever captured. Many things needed to come together for conditions like this to occur, and if you are lucky they may happen for a few days, or most likely only hours over the course of a year. An extremely cold weather front pushed it's way through the mountains early this winter season, before the lakes had managed to freeze over. If this cold front brought snow, the incredibly detailed and fragile hoar frost would have been hidden. If the lake had been frozen over, the mist from the open warmer water would not have added the much needed humidity in the air needed for the frost to form. Without a break of the clouds and fog, the light wouldn't have hit the peak or foreground. If I wasn't out at an epic mountainous location, well then this wouldn't be one of my bucket list shots! A lot of things needed to happen, you get the picture. What made this morning even sweeter is that it was spent with two of the most talented photographers and friends I know, Erin Babnik and Ted Gore, on the last day of their short trip up to my Canadian stomping grounds. Being from the warmer areas of the US, and not having the extra layer of natural back-bacon insulation on their bodies, meant they were a tad bit colder then I was on this -25/-30 celsius morning. Even with my shoulder dipped in ice water, my snow-pants crusted with a layer of ice, and my damn toe warmers failing to heat up, I was distracted enough to barely even notice anything outside of my viewfinder. I shot and composed images continuously for the 3 hours we spent out here, and managed to capture this fleeting moment when the peak stood out from the heavy mists. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and that I could accurately convey this magical combination of conditions through my image. Thanks for looking! via 500px

Clyde's Revenge by landESCAPEphotography

Minaret Lake, in the Sierra wilderness. Thanks for looking! via 500px

Frigid by scottsmorra

Early morning light at Borax Hot Springs in the Alvord Desert of Oregon. The extremely cold air temperature helped create a thick layer of hoarfrost on the grasses surrounding the hot spring. The air temperature that morning was 5 degrees F and the hot spring water was 180 degrees F. The quietness of this area was something that caught me by surprise. The only sounds I heard that morning were the occasional bubbles rising in the hot spring. This made for a very peaceful and relaxing morning. I'm now on Facebook! Visit My Website Follow me on Google+ Follow me on Twitter via 500px

Coming Around by RyanDyar

One of my favorite mornings of shooting I've had over the years. Alone in the mountains of Montana, freezing my ass off, under one of the better sunrises I have seen in my life. I have another shot of this morning that is one of my more popular photos, but I stumbled across this one recently and decided to give it work up. Anyways, I finally got the second video in my post-processing instructional series up and available on my site. In this video I show you easy ways of creating a dreamy atmosphere without sacrificing texture, as well as how to obtain the dark, rich, and dramatic mood I often express in my post processing. Very simple techniques that yield bold results. If you're interested, head on over to Ryan Dyar Photography. and check it out. You will also find info on my other video, processing lessons via Skype, workshops, and an EPIC tour to Norway that I'll be teaming up with Arild Heitmann for! via 500px

Dark Night Rises by Koveh

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Where the Green Fern Grows by KristinaWilson

“After the last shovel of dirt was patted in place, I sat down and let my mind drift back through the years. I thought of the old K. C. Baking Powder can, and the first time I saw my pups in the box at the depot. I thought of the fifty dollars, the nickels and dimes, and the fishermen and blackberry patches. I looked at his grave and, with tears in my eyes, I voiced these words: "You were worth it, old friend, and a thousand times over.” - Wilson Rawls Where the Red Fern Grows will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you to my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Graham. via 500px

Friday, May 29, 2015

El deleite de un café by GustavoPomar

Deleitarse a tomar un café con unos bombones a media tarde. via 500px

Hidden Place by candacebartlett

"Hidden Place" Rain pours down on a fun foggy Autumn morning out in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon with Ryan and Miles. I was going for more of a painterly look with this image. Prints are available at: via 500px

Lines in the sand by johnbarclay

Another to add to my dune abstract folio. via 500px

The Little Cabin by terenceleezy | Facebook | Flickr Headed to Lost Lake earlier today with Tula Top and Justin Poe. Also met Ben Coffman and Chip MacAlpine shooting stars and milkyway while we were there. The skies were totally clear this morning and as luck has it.. 30 mins before sunrise, fog started rolling in and covered the mountain and we never saw the mountain again. Alas. As usual, Master Justin Poe got the shot of the day with mountain reflections and all the goodies. I tried doing some telephoto stuff as the fog was rolling in and got this pic of this little cabin that I thought was kinda cool before it was engulfed by fog. Happy Sunday! :) via 500px

Ice Waves by AndreasResch

I was thrilled when I found the shore of Lago di Braies who still was hidden in the shadow of the mountains full of intriguing ice patterns. With the light being a bit boring otherwise this was a great way to spent some time searching for subjects and compositions. This one I liked a lot. This shot was focus stacked from around 10 exposures who were focused from near to far. When you want to get it all sharp, that is the way to go. Even the difference in distance from the center of the subject to the corner of the shot can often be big enough to cause unsharp areas. Keep that in mind. This image is also posted on today. It's a little project that a bunch of us Austrian Photographers created with the intention to alternately post one image every day. It's a great mixture of landscape, wildlife and macro shooters. Check it out and support us by putting us on your RSS feed or liking us on Facebook. The quality and range of images is very good and interesting. Thanks. via 500px

Radiance by tulatop

Please click the image to view on black. Prints available for purchase at Horsetail Falls Trail #438 · Columbia River Gorge · Dodson · Oregon · USA Flaunting its youthful exuberance, a frond of western maidenhair fern erupts through a cover of darker-leaved fringecup and glows a radioactive lime green--a tonal variance that plays well with this monochrome translation, I think. via 500px

Wheat Growers Sunrise by raygreenphotography

Another often shot composition from atop Steptoe Butte in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington State. I thought I would post this sunrise version of a similar composition (taken the day before at sunset) that I posted few ago) so that those interested can get an idea of the light variation. Thank you for viewing, voting and/or any constructive comments! via 500px

The Boxer by JessicaDrossin

It's weird to work on two radically different series at the same time. Oh well... For the Actor / Singer Songwriter Titus Makin's album. Please follow me here: Facebook I Google + I Twitter I Instagram Shot with my Canon 5D Mark iii and processed with actions from JD Beautiful World Foundations, JD Monotones Artistic Crisp Matte action (at 45%) and the texture "mist" from Super Grunge Urban and one of my cloud overlays available here. via 500px

Intergalactic trip by flavioparreiras

Thanks for the comments and votes. I dedicate this picture to all those who share in social networks that follow me, accompanying my work. Until next Sunday or Monday. I'll answer all your pages. Hug! Many thanks to all who voted for my photo hand. I won the contest. via 500px

Prom by vesnazivcic

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Enjoy Espresso by McKnips

Eperiment mit entfesseltem Aufsteckblitz und Lichtformer via 500px

Remnants by thelostlens

Blog | Google+ | Facebook | A member of Korea's forgotten generation pulls his cart of cardboard through Tongyeong's Undersea Tunnel, installed in 1932 by the Japanese during their occupation of South Korea. The undersea tunnel was Asia's first submarine tunnel and connected Chungmu to Mireuk Island. As the city of Tongyeong sprang up and enveloped Chungmu, a series of bridges have since been installed and the tunnel pedestrianised. via 500px

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Natural Spiral by RandyDellinger

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Helix by elkanilsson

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spiral by bridgephotography

a curled up blue bar panther chameleon tail via 500px

Spiral II by kugaudarolandas

Another shot from different angle of this beautiful sculpture. Thanks for looking. via 500px

The Accidental Tourist by MilesMorganPhotography

Finally getting around to dealing with images from the fall..... of 2012. Taken on a fantastic day out with my American Idol Ryan ZeDyar and his fiancé Candace. This was the first time I got to spend any real time with the two of them together, and it was extremely touching to see the beauty of their relationship and its a pleasure to have watched it grow since this day. It's also AMAZING to see how much Candace has grown as a photographer in just a couple of years. I seem to get worse. Anyway, I know some of you are going to think that these leaves look like they were placed there. I would NEVER move leaves for an image. Except for this time. And then there was that time at Punchbowl. And the rest of the times I've shot in autumn. But except for those times, I am APPALLED that you would even suggest it. Some of you might recognize this location from my "Hump Rock" image. In fact, this autumn snap came first. We were just out exploring and following some creeks around and happened across this area. I usually only like to explore things from my couch, so this was a rather lucky find. via 500px

steam and dust by gregdutoit

It was a cold and nippy night in South Africa’s Mala Mala Game Reserve when we received a radio call to say that one of the dominant male leopards was on his night patrol and heading our way. Asking my guide to switch off and to wait in the dip it seemed to take ages for our subject to appear out of the dark night. When the leopard got to the rise in front of us, he paused and turning his head to the side, his warm exhaling breath turned to steam. He stood there like a vision before us, with his outline made visible by another safari vehicle’s lights. Frantically throwing my camera into manual mode and pressing my shutter, I could only hope that the steam and dust had recorded in my exposure. via 500px

Brina by LivingLoud

Модель - Октябрина Максимова Model - Oktyabrina Maximova Визаж и прическа - Ирина Попова MUA & Hair - Irina Popova Join me on My Facebook Page And Follow My Instagram Personal Skype Retouch & Color Grading Lessons. Персональное обучение ретуши и обработке по Скайпу. via 500px

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

dandelion feeling.. by ElenaShumilova

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Manhattan by Waguila

Manhattan in a long exposure via 500px

Above the Foggy Lineup by tobyharriman

Above the Foggy Lineup - Aerial over San Francisco. via 500px

Creatures from the microworld by aghizzipanizza

insect, Trioplan, ghizzi, panizza,bokeh,eyes, via 500px

Oihua (Scream) by ikeraizkorbe

Kiñu bat Jokinentzat. ;-) via 500px

Burj Al Arab VS Milky-Way by ash4studio

Digital blending of two different shots, one for the Milky-way and second one for Burj Al Arab and Dubai towers Original photo available under category Black & White on via 500px

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Silence by DigitalArtPhotography

"Advaita Meditation" via 500px

Ophelia's Garden (3) by JessicaDrossin

Please follow me here: Facebook I Google + I Twitter I Instagram Shot with my Canon 5D Mark iii and processed with actions from JD Beautiful World Foundations, Matte + Haze, Suede Texture from Super Grunge Urban, and a little Crisp & Taboo from Vivid tints, both in low opacity -- and Freckle Enhancement brush available here. via 500px

Hankering by tosbuk

. via 500px

Friday, May 22, 2015

Shades of Gold by carlos_santero

Model: Claudia Coba by Carlos Santero Facebook Page || Twitter || || via 500px

Summer Love by JakeOlsonStudios

AVAILABLE NOW! Four hour recorded video tutorials covering my entire post processing workflow in PS and Lightroom for only $99.00! Purchase Here! -> JAKE OLSON STUDIOS TUTORIAL via 500px

Moeraki Boulders by tarikalturki

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After the storm by Primo

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Aquarium by WibkeGeiling

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... by gecdra

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The Colours of Life by theshadow

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Mother's love by Pecka

NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRINT Upon many requests I make this photo available for print. via 500px