Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Marisa - Ringlight by Dani_Diamond Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

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Reworking a few older files....

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orange girl by Dmitry_Gusev Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl


Autumn Mirror by csillogo11 Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Fuji X100 by PowerPee

A close up shot of the 2 main dials of the X100. The red button is a 3rd party accessory used to soften the triggering of the shutter. via 500px

Too Far by teguhsn Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Evolution by mmariomm Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Evolution,Innovation, Adaptation and Future. Geckos are one of my favourite animals.

Goodbye Old Friend by frjd Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Today I went to the same place where I shot "Bark" and finally the old tree has died. It has been standing here, looking the same, for the last 35 years and this is all there's left of him.

left turn by SaSaDubai Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

SaSaART Dubai. VisualART Photography. UrbanART Project "left turn" meydan bridge, dubai

Memories Of Summer by ThanhTran Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Baby Panda by kitosse Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Baby Panda hanging out in tree having fun, China

Phare Du Petit Minou by olschwartz Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Taken during my last stay in Brittany (France). Weather was not so great this day, I travel to this spot but I wasn't sure of the final result. The light was not so great, I had to wait the very last moment of the day to shoot something decent. So I really hope that you'll like this one, please let me know :) If you want to have a look to my fresh new website : http://ift.tt/1AE6NBH Thank you for your visit, I'll do my best to reply and visit your pages in return :) if you like my work, you can also follow me on facebook : http://ift.tt/1fnnS4F

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Dolomitic Wall by dinom Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Thousand Island Lake by dem07 Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

flying owl and horse by hdbestwalls1 Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

HD Wallpapers - http://ift.tt/1fibbIa

Alone in a crowd by paulmcconville Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

This is from a few sundays ago at El Matador. Rare summer clouds gave a nice show this evening and it was very crowded with model/engagement shoots as well as families enjoying the beach. At one point near this frame a kid went under my tripod to grab a rock to throw at his brother, hahaha. Looking back now though it seems so peaceful. So glad fall is here and I'm looking forward to some real solitude in the mountains in the next couple weeks. Hope you're all doing well. http://ift.tt/1deZDaT

Jet Airway by MilesMorganPhotography Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

I have no idea how many times I've flown over this spot. It's on a major jetway from SoCal to the east, so I'm constantly criss crossing the skies above it. Each and every time I'm pissed off thinking about all you photographers down there grabbing the good light. If I'm having a lucky day I'll create a big nasty contrail for you. I always try to time my bathroom breaks such that I'm doing work right as we cross over the Kofa range so I can try to drop a big chunk of blue ice on your asses.. Then I went to visit the Kofa's for myself and I couldn't BELIEVE that they didn't shut down air traffic over the region for me. The nerve! So we had a sunrise with nothing but HELLA nasty contrails. I finally just gave up, stacked as many ND's as I could on lens, and went for a several minute exposure just as the sun was rising. I would like to say that I had carefully planned this composition and was sitting on it waiting for the light, but I was running around this region like an absolute butthead trying to find something cohesive. I was running out of time, so this is where my tripod ended up. Fast forward to the evening. After a long day of scouting and picking cholla quills out of Breezy's ass (see other story on Medusa), the light started to fade and a gorgeous sunset ensued. As is typical, it was happening in ALL the wrong directions. So there I go again, running around like crazy trying to come up with something facing the best light. If waddling was a sport I would be an Olympic athlete. I waddled over hill and dale, through cactus, over cactus, through brush so thick I couldn't see my shoes. Waddled up hills, down hills, around the back of this mountain range, up one side and down the other. I probably did 3-4 miles of random criss crossing waddling during the golden hour and twilight. As is typical, I came home with nothing for the effort. Except for a MAJOR problem. I got ready to hoof it back to the rental car so reached into my camera bag to grab the keys.... which were not where I usually leave them. Huh. I must have put them in my pocket? Nope. Despite the desert cold starting to settle over the evening, I noticed a small bead of sweat on my forehead. I turned on my flashlight and started to methodically rip my bag apart. I'm trained to handle emergency and crisis, so naturally I had crap flying everywhere as absolute panic set in. No matter how you sliced it, the keys were gone. They were not in my bag, and they were not in any of my pockets. I swept my flashlight around the landscape and realized that they must have fallen out somewhere in my mad waddling. If you've been to this region, you know that it's an absolute MESS of cactus, brush, rocks, holes, hills, pits, and washes. And I had run across ALL of it. What was going to happen next began to work its way into my mind. We were probably 10 miles from a main road, and getting to this area is no picnic. I had no cell service. It was getting cold and my coat was locked safely in the car. NOBODY comes up here. Oh, and I had rented the car in San Diego, 4+ hours away. I could imagine that the only people who were going to be less happy about this than me were the folks at Budget. I had absolutely no idea what to do. I was now fully sweating, but I figured I had better save my strength for the 10 mile hike back to the road in the middle of the night that I was looking at having to make with no food and very limited water. Then it got worse. Much MUCH worse. It's one thing when your bone headedness screws up your day. It's another thing entirely when your bone headedness screws up someone ELSE's day. I was going to have to tell Breezy that the next 24 hours was going to go VERY differently than planned. We had bonded over the cactus in ass situation, and I felt closer to him than every before, which was just going to make my confession harder. After a mile hike I found him, happily shooting stars over the mountain range not far from where this image was made. "You get that light, Son??!!" He asked. I felt the sick rise up in my stomach. He was so free and gleeful, blissfully unaware of the horrific fate which I was about to bestow upon him. I could barely get the words out. "We are totally Effed, Son. I don't know what to tell you. I'm just sick". "What happened?" he asked. How could he be so calm? Oh yeah, because he thinks my memory card is full or something stupid. Not that we are about to become snake and coyote food. "Dude. Just.... Dude. I lost the keys. They fell out of my pocket somewhere out there" I swept my arm across the landscape for dramatic effect. "What?" He asked. Clearly he was in shock. "Dude, you gave me the keys like 3 hours ago when I went to put my hoodie back in the car." *Blink. Blink.* "Oh yeah........"

Snowdonia view by corbensdad Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Taken on lovers island at dusk, with the 14-24 on the nikon d810 in camera hdr jpg

Morning Call by iesphotography Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Red Deer Bellows

46 min after "splash!" by JrnAllanPedersen Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

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Burning Through the Fog by HAP95 Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Things Are Looking Up! by crazyaboutnature Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

In the Colorado Rockies this past week, residents tell me that the aspen color is the best it has been in over 35 years! I dont know about that...but it sure was fricken spectacular!

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Shot in Putney. by LeeJeffries Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Street portrait. Putney, London.

Infinite by nghorchatita Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Squall of the deer by Marc66 Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Loch Turret by stuartlow Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Warm still night and some nice reflections.

Saxon Switzerland Morning II by Nejedla Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Frozen Memories II by Carlosmacr Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

interlaced by artlionse Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

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Rollasons Falls by Dylken Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Upper Rollasons Falls, Mt Buffalo NP, Victoria. I haven't posted a waterfall shot in a while so I thought I'd put one up. This was shot a few months back on a road trip to Mt Buffalo NP. Nothing special just a standard waterfall shot but there aren't many shots of these falls around. Getting to the bottom was pretty tricky but very worth it. A 3 exposures of varying shutter speed were blended for water motion and to freeze the trees that were blowing in the wind.

Broken Dreams (mono) by Structor Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

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Dumulmeori by wovu Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

두물머리[Dumulmeori] Dumulmeori literally means 'two water area,' and refers to the place where Bukhangang River and Namhangang River meet. The dock for an ancient-style ferry and weeping willows add to the rustic beauty of this area.

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LACE by FriksC Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Layers by TigerSeo Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Hampyung plain. Took it early in the morning on Mil Hill.

Anastasia by johnny Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

I don`t like mondays.. by naturbilde Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Wild grizzly bear, shot in in Alaska, last fall

Shelter Locatelli by Rubaltelli-photographer Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl


Delivery Man by frankquax Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Lake Louise Sunrise by miketlim Add me http://ift.tt/1lNlcrl

Sunrise shot taken along the shore of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.