Sunday, November 30, 2014

On The Qui Vive by Harry-Eggens Add me

Japanese Fox (Vulpes vulpes japonica) on a snowy field in the Southeastern part of Hokkaido, Japan. Regards and have a nice Sunday, Harry

Tree into Fog! by tanjabeutler Add me

Buche im Nebel

Electree by javierbravo Add me

First of all, I would like to thank you for all the support received during this period. It is great coming back here and be enlightened about all the passion and talented art. I would like to give a special mention to a few people that are very special and inspire me. Because they are the real lights in the forest. Oscar: Marta Borreguero: Fotoaguado: Alfon No: I took this capture a few days ago, in Kew Gardens night trail. Definitely, it is a walk full of magic and a wonderful experience for both little and big people. Have a good one, cheers, Javier

Leaving Frankfurt by winfriedwerner Add me

I just got the 2nd curator's choice for this photo at in the architecture competition:) And a nice comment with it:This image takes you to another place, another time, another dimension. This is the ultimate in cool. A stunning image......................... And don't forget to order the OMOE 2014 Book:

L* by portraitsbysam Add me

Natt by marcelzuurmond Add me

Nathalia as published by Maxim Mag - by Marcel Zuurmond / Los Angeles

Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, part 2 by SimonTidd Add me

Kangaroo Point cliffs.

QVB Xmas Lights Walk by Linz550 Add me

Xmas is on its way. Often-shot clock in the QVB building with the addition of fairy lights this time. One day I will just stand there and take 20 or so frames so that I can blow all the people out of the way in the final image blend :) Portfolio | Sets | FB

Deadvlei Morning by morganpt Add me

Deadvlei is such a fabulous place to visit. The problem afterwards is choosing which image to post!

Stand Strong by paulbarson Add me

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. If you like it, please feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

the spirit of Senex by aitzaundi Add me

And she danced... by FelixInden Add me

...above the petrified trolls of Vik i Myrdal in Iceland. You see the rock needles? These are called Reynisdrangar and the legens tell they once were trolls that wanted to attack the land. While their attempts they got petrified and now they stand there, blown by the wind and harrased by strong waves. It was a surreal situation- the Aurora borealis was seeming to communicate with them. Wonderful moment alone on the beach! Click for information:Aurora borealis photography workshop on Lofoten 09-16.01.2015 Guides are Stian Klo and Felix Inden :) WE SPEAK: SPANISH I GERMAN I ENGLISH I NORWEGIAN Featuring LucrOit Filterholders and Formatt Hitech Filters who will give us filterholders and filters for you to learn :) Circle me on G+ :) Order fine art prints via

fog by sting2710 Add me

All Alone by karthikphotos Add me

Shark in Blue by juliosanjuan5 Add me

Shark in the blue waters of Roatan

Antelope Mountains by marklseawell Add me

Lily in blue by srravi Add me

Press M Please!

Beautiful green by oxota Add me

Take the long way... by omega2 Add me

Please see on black background or hit "M" to enlarge !!!!! Thank you for your visit !!

Explosion by hugo_so Add me

Moment at PVG, Portugal _________________________

Starling in the tree top by FannyDenOuter Add me

Beautiful starling was resting in the tree top.

Свобода морей by diaptomus222 Add me

Freedom of the Seas

What's Your Angle by imagematters Add me

Con Fusion by joe_plasmatico Add me

Wishing a great and relaxing Sunday to everybody. As I warned you before, here comes my next stair shot, using my old guerrilla tatic, sneak in, run out. The fact, that since I moved to my new home 10 months ago, the telecommunication companies weren't able to install a new line because of low capacity doesn't allow me to post more regularly. Bad news, but more time left to be productive and inventive. Got some rocking stuff in production/processing, so please hold on. By then I will stay behind the moon in my rural technological isolation. ^^ Stay tuned friends (°;°)

"InTheForest" by marcelschiegg Add me

PHOTOGRAPHY - "NatureIsMyReligion" Session © Art GallerY ElDorado -Drawing and PhotographY- NIKON CORPORATION THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LIKES AND COMMENTS feel free to share my photos on your FB page

On The rocks by athanasopoulos_andreas Add me

Lonely by Besmir Add me

Natural Beauty by thephotofiend Add me

Michelle, Peter Mozola and I tinkering with some light down in the basement on this cold Saturday evening in Calgary, AB. No lashes, no hair extensions, no bling, minimal makeup and photoshop. I love it. Instagram | FB | Ring Light Tutorial | LR + PS Presets | | G+

Berfin by Metincan Add me

İzmir - Türkiye

drops by t_kiper Add me

drop reflections

Forest path by Toontjeton Add me

... by andreviegas Add me


nessun rimpianto by sabrinasecco Add me

Cyanoportrait by MikeilaBorgia Add me

º º º º © Mikeila Borgia Fine Art Photography

CLIMBING... by Blackdiamond67 Add me

Layers by maljaberi Add me

Odbicie by Mist73 Add me

[ aurora lighthouse ] by DERYK1968 Add me

Hope by edigulunyan Add me

Armenian BEauty

Wind in the studio by jojosamek_jojosphotography Add me

Wind in the studio

ReFlex by D7k Add me

Been way from site for a while as I have had not had many photo opportunities due to work & weather, hope you are all well

Snow by Pernilleng Add me

Low Clouds on the Lake by Plastictree Add me


fucktura (за...бало) ©2012 by Andrew_Lucas Add me

jerbera by mak27 Add me

Have a great weekend, my friends!

automne by LaulauMode Add me

les couleurs de l'automne

Amsterdam colors...益... by ConchiGReyes Add me

Las cosas que más tiempo nos acompañan _nuestros grandes amores, nuestros grandes anhelos, nuestros inmensos fracasos_ tienen siempre la edad de la juventud, porque amores, anhelos y fracasos comparten ese lugar donde la inconsciencia y la ambición se encuentran. Toda obra humana llamada a perdurar nace de ahí, del conflicto irresoluble entre lo deseado y lo posible, entre nuestro ideal y nuestras fuerzas; toda obra humana nace de la encrucijada donde dialogan nuestra sabiduría y nuestra ignorancia.

JimaGination Photography by JimaGination-Photography Add me

Glowing Rocks by dominicrodemer Add me

This is a place in Germany called "Externsteine". If you happen to be there during early morning light this rock formation starts to glow.

Burning Sky by avinashrjain Add me

Shot this sunset on somewhere close to Keaton beach in Florida. The plan, while leaving Jacksonville was to go to Tampa beach for sunset shoot. But we were late and mid way my friend realized that it won't be possible to reach Tampa in time for shoot. He takes a detour and finds a place called Horseshoe BEACH on his navigator. There we reach and find out that the name of the place is Horseshoe BEACH and there is no beach as such and I was cursing the guy who gave such MISLEADING NAME to this place. Desperate and disappointed as we were, my friend gave another shot and drove to place called Keaton Beach but that was not the beach one would think of... there was nothing but swamp and grass and absolutely calm sea with lot of tiny crabs. God knows how many came under foot.... Whatever...that was the lucky break for us and the result is here tI am sharing with you... Connect with me: Facebook Page Facebook Instagram