Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lake Lanier MIst by marcperrella

A late afternoon photo of Lake Lanier in Georgia.

Heartbeat by arno7

Untitled by AntonRothmund

Hila by EranTzahar

© Eran TZAHAR | Photographer Photography: Eran Tzahar Makup : Hedva Bachar Model: Hila From the album "Une belle histoire":

Burning rocks by Lebing

Beautiful winter sunrise at Lofoten Island.

Water Goddess. by BrianAdelberg

Just made a Face Book photography page stop by check it out FaceBook Page Here's a shot of Proxy Falls, Oregon. Ive named this shot " Water Goddess" If you look closely you might make out a face in the rock with the water being her hair. I might be crazy but thought it was kinda cool for title. Take care everyone and thanks again for your support!

We just wanna play drums! by aghizzipanizza

Two active damselfly - Picture taken in nature

Puppy in the forest by AnnaPostnikova

Blue and white border collie puppie in the forest

Nobody by Andre_Villeneuve

***** by Eugeni_K

** by almalki8

Sunset from Charmant Som by benjaminorgogozo

Desperatly waiting for the winter to come...

On the edge of the Ecumene by mreyfman

Barkentine Antigua in front of Emma Glacier (Emmabreen) in Liefdefjorden, Svalbard. September 2013. ---- Очередная фото-экспедиция на Шпицберген состоится в Июле 2014. Подробнее: --- Some seats are available on our July 2014 Svalbard Expedition

JimaGination Photography by JimaGination-Photography

Vortex II by Sparky90

Another shot of an amazing swirl. Fanano, Fellicarolo, Italy Visit my website:

A bridge in Africa by denisananiadis

eguzkirako bidea by aitzaundi

Reign of nature by EmmanuelDautriche

Vanoise national park | Alps | France Facebook Page ©Emmanuel Dautriche www.emmanueldautrich


A road in Eastern Nebraska in the fall dreary weather we're having today, makes for some really pretty scenes.

* by ckeller

another image from the same autumn morning

Untitled by RonchiStefano

Cross Roads of Eternity by AleksandarVasic

Reflection, Bergen, Norway by EuropeTrotter

Panorámica en Saibi by jabiartaraz

Red by biker11

Song Thrush by RonaldCoulter

Rainy by AGphotographe

Autumn symphony by geremettamoreno_it

2013 © Geremetta Moreno Clickalps Official Photographer | Autumn symphony

Puerta by ToddWall

2 images combined. The dock was shot before sunrise and was lit by a street light than converted to monochrome. The sky was from a different day.

durdle door by Davialv

reino unido, playa, costa, acantilado, luna, nocturna,,uk, beach, coast, cliff, moon, night, nikon d800, nikon 16-35 f4, paisaje, landscape; durdle; playa jurasica;

*** N by AlekseyG

the Russian model, the beginning of a career. ph : Aleksey G ( ) model : Natalia Panchenko ( )

Bow Lake Clouds by miketlim

A 2nd visit to Bow Lake during my trip to Banff didn't disappoint. The clouds were much more dramatic than the first day and the water was much calmer. Definitely time well spent.

The beginning of the fall by yuumour

Press "M" to view in Fullscreen mode! Enjoy!

Autumn Story... by pablook

North Sea Blues by wimdenijs

Dasha by sigidin

SALER by rodri

A moment of silver by hugo_so

Tripod + Filter Hitech ND Grad Soft 0.9 + Filter Hitech IRND 10 Stops

Untitled by kuwait1980

Evening light by aleskomovec


Lake Jasna by csillogo11

with a wind by TanyTaylor

De entre la niebla by Mariano_Belmar


Comes to an End by graham082

Olivia by Dani_Diamond

I'm getting into BW these days and I love it. Here's a shot I recently took which won a few awards, I'm very happy with the outcome of this shoot, many more shots to come. Natural light only. Make sure to visit my FB page if you want to see more portraits like this that used natral light only. FACEBOOK I can be contact at

Family by PenelopeMalby

Red deer today at Richmond Park, London, UK

Plain-crested Elaenia (Elaenia cristata) by BertrandoCampos

The Plain-crested Elaenia is a resident of open savanna and scrubby thickets from Venezuela south to central Brazil; there also are isolated populations in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. A small drab elaenia, the Plain-crested Elaenia has olive-brown upperparts, two white wing bars, and a pale yellow belly and undertail coverts. The crown feathers of the Plain-crested Elaenia are greatly elongated and form a conspicuous crest, although the crest lacks the white coronal patch of other species of elaenia. Plain-crested Elaenias often perch, with upright posture, in the crowns of shrubs and trees. Plain-crested Elaenias primarily forage on insects and berries by perch-gleaning or by flutter-gleaning. [Source:].

*** by Horoshil

Old monastery ... by Valtsu

Nature Painting! by NhtPhm

This time I went to the beach with one thing in mind that I was going to make a vertical panorama photo. This is the first time I do something like this after seeing some of famous photographer's vertical panel. When I looked out my window and saw this amazing sky, I know this is the chance to do the vertical panel. So I drove to my favorite beach "The Huntington Beach Pier" to do the job. This was done with 4 shots! I don't know if I can print out this one and laminate it to fill my bedroom door or not! That would be cool if I can! I'm thinking to open an account with Fine Art American to sell my work. This may be my first photo for sell! :) Thanks for looking and supporting my work! Have a great day everyone! Again, you're invited to like my Facebook Page if you like to see more of my works.