Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year to all by AlfredoCostanzo

Goodbye 2013 by wovu

지안제 Dear All My Friend I Wish You and Your Family has a Happy and Successful NEW YEAR. 2014!!! Special Thanks for Dr. Inhwan Lee, Tiger Seo, Jaewoon U, Dr. Jungwoo Kim, JAMES-CORY. Love All your works!!! Cheers, 2013!!!!!

Schwabacher Sunrise by ryanwrightphoto

Schwabacher Landing is a popular destination for photographers to catch the morning sunlight hitting the Tetons and being reflected in the still waters of beaver ponds along the Snake River as it runs through Grand Teton National Park.

The Jacobite crossing Glenfinnan Viaduct by annie7

I have been having a lot of problems with my monitor displaying the correct colours, brightness and contrast. I wasn't aware of this until it was pointed out to me and after doing several tests and tweaks I can see this image is now too dark and slightly over saturated. Not always easy to get someone in to calibrate your monitor within the holiday period. I will be deleting some of my images and re-entering at a later date. Thank you for the many votes and favours you have given me.

Balanced Moonrise by DustinLeFevre1

Balanced Rock in Arches National Park. I was here to shoot the Milky Way. The moon rise at the end if the path was just luck. Thanks for looking. Prints available at http://bit.ly/19BD7Zx

ice-- land by mann2r

It is very cold.

Mice tower by RaumBlicke

Frozen Trees by martas


Ice by DmytroCherkasov

Sea coast near Jökulsárlón. Photo from our tour with Iurie Belegurschi from http://bit.ly/161CjZy

Happy New Year 500px!!! by HeavenMan

Follow me on facebook ©HeavenManPhotography, 2013 Prints avaiable on Photohub DON'T FORGET TO SHARE ;-)

A Cold Night by LukeStrothman

Aurora over Kirkjufell by Real_Dragon

quiet morning by LeonMak

Grotesque Morning by 0wjjins2pl

Grotesque year is going to be extinguished.... Happy New Year!!!!!!

Amazing Reine by Kordan


Frosty Winter Cabin by chrisbrower

Winter cabin on the Colorado River at -30 F.

Untitled by Pauzmantoll

Dunhuang Mt. Mingsha

The Arch Rock by cuonghungvan

Yesterday I was hardly at my desk and couldn't return the voting favor. Will try my best today to make up for that. Thanks everyone for your ardent supports and wish you all a very best of 2014!

Dreamland by AndreaValki

December Iceland. by geinis

Winter in the Mountain by AlbenaMarkova

Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria

Ice world by Dyne999

소양강의 추웠던 어느날 아침~

Enter the Dragon by kahkityoong

Excerpt from my latest blog. "Perhaps the most spectacular of many impressive displays of light was the sunset on the second evening of the workshop. Like the fiery breath of a dragon, intense coloration spread across the sky in a slow burn. I smiled like a kid as I gradually widened my compositions to include more and more of the sky lighting up. Gosh the thrill of being a landscape photographer was alive and well." Read the full article here. http://bit.ly/1ch95dr

Time To Reflect by Dylken

Ama Dablam from Chukung, Nepal. The last light of the day hits the peak of Ama Dablam (6,812 m) and is reflected in a small glacier river. This is my favorite image that I captured in 2013 so I thought it could do with a re-edit. The original version 'Lighting The Torch' can be seen here: http://bit.ly/1e7IUGO . I'd love to know which one people prefer. Happy New Year!

. by sile

Suburb lightning by Victor_Liu_Photography

10 minutes out of Calgary, in summer, lightning strikes, and strikes over a small pond. I pull over my car, watching the incredible scene, speechless.

Fiery River by brentgoesoutside

Madison, WI. After work I looked outside and thought "hm, the sunset might be good today." After an hour or so I was like "nah, it's not that great and I'm lazy. I'll stay inside where it's warm." Then a few minutes later I saw the bottoms of the clouds had little bits of red on them. "WHOA CRAP!" I packed up my stuff, sped off in my car, and literally sprinted to this spot I had in mind. I caught this fantastic sunset just in time!

Happy New Year by yara-gb

Salud paz y amor para el nuevo año y que todos los dias sean de color azul. Health, peace and love for the new year and that all days are blue.

Lost in Paradise #2 by Goff_Kitsawad

Winter Moss by kilianschoenberger

L A N D S C A P E P H O T O G R A P H Y facebook No snow, no ice, just moss. Winter 2013.

Florida Everglades Sunset by jessesummers

A quiet sunset, except for the hum of mosquitos and cooing of distant birds. Taken at the Long Pine campground in Everglades National Park

Refuge du Lac Blanc by emats

You may also like the photograph 'Lac Blanc' (it shows the same scenery just a few minutes before with the last sunlight at the mountain summit). I wish all of you the best possible start into the new year! :-) Copyright © 2013 Sven Müller. All rights reserved.

The Long Wait by Koveh

Waiting for the sunset above treeline deep in the Canadian Rockies, the temperature was quickly dropping and the wind howling. The cold starts to set in due to the inactivity, so to pass the time I setup the camera for a self-portrait. Nothing like jumping up and down a 5 foot boulder and running back and forth with a 10 second timer to get you warmed up again. =)

Mind Over Matter by whuang

An eerie but spectacular scene of trees where nearly perfectly aligned rows create glowing hallways. At the peak of autumn, the fallen leaves litter the grounds and the remaining leaves are golden yellow and draped over the uncharacteristically straight tree trunks. It is truly a place to get lost and have your mind blown away. This was a 3-image stitch to create the panoramic using a telephoto lens to increase the compression of the scene.

Unexplored by gavinthomas

Virgin Winter walkway in Adelboden/ Engstligenalp

Lost in paradise by Paparwin

Hope... (Happy New Year!) by joseramos

"Abandon your worn toxic clothes, and build a new beginning." Happy New Year my friends! Your company has been a real pleasure! José Ramos Follow me on Facebook | My website | Contact me

BOBBIO SUNSET by MonikaRossi

On the road 68, to Cafayate - Salta ( IV ) by Doraado

En La Carretera Nacional 68, de Cafayate a Salta ( IV ) _____________________________________ La Ruta Nacional 68 es una carretera Argentina asfaltada, que se encuentra en el sur de la Provincia de Salta, uniendo las ciudades de Cafayate y Salta en un recorrido de 183 km. Esta ruta pasa por la Quebrada de las Conchas, un recorrido de 83 km donde se pueden apreciar curiosas formaciones montañosas de una belleza espectacular: Los Castillos (km 19), Las Ventanas (km 20), El Obelisco (km 22), El Fraile (km 32), El Sapo (km 34), El Anfiteatro (km 46) y Garganta del Diablo (km 47), entre otras.

Winter Light by hauken87

This is processed to be viewed on a dark background so please click on the image or press H on your keyboard. The image is shot during a exceptionally pink sunset by the Sunndalsfjord in Sunndal county in Norway early winter last year. The image consists of 3 exposures and is blended together in photoshop. Thank you for watching.

Co. Donegal by mariuskasteckas

Photo was taken in Co Donegal, Ireland

Extremely Rare - Full Aurora Spiral!! by mortenaspaas

This is an extremely rare picture!! A full Northern Lights spiral is not common at all, and I have never ever seen a spiral like this before. I suppose this will be a once in a lifetime experience I never will see again. This is a picture shot with my old camera some years ago, so I can`t get the quality any better than this...but since this is a rare photo, I hope you like it anyway....

Passion, Challenge by wovu

This is the Soyang 3Gyo in Chuncheon, South Korea. There is the one of well-known place about rime Special thanks for Tiger Seo

After the rain... by Necax

Winter road by bulkington23

This is my last image for 2013. Thank you for your support this year! I really appreciate your like/fav and, above all, your comment. I hope all of you have a great, wonderful, and happy new year with your family! I made my SNS account as bellow. I will be using them more in this coming 2014. If you follow me, I'm really glad! Facebook http://on.fb.me/18VbfRS Google+ http://bit.ly/1hRzPDx Twitter

Green Tea Farm. by mann2r

Happy New Year everyone.

"welcome to 2014" by shark023

© 2013 Engin Erol ... All rights reservedThe photo is protected by copyright laws and may not be used on websites, blogs or other media without my written permission; they may not be edited or used in other artworks, neither in total nor in parts. Violations may cause legal consequences..Çamlıca Tepesi'nde Boğazici Köprüsü İstanbul&Türkiye...

Golden Stone by visunature

Objectif 2014 : #INTO_THE_WILD ... Vision magique de l'entrée nord du parc du Mercantour. Premières couches de neige de la saison. Le chuchotement de la rivière est une véritable poésie visuelle et auditive. Là haut ... je suis bien. Là haut ... je vis! © www.visunature.com

Peace by AndyHarrison

Crummock Water Cumbria at Golden hour .

Kinderdijk, Netherlands by Toontjeton

There are many photos from the mills Kinderdijk. That's my reason i've choose for an other editting/processing. Wish you and your family all the best for 2014.