Friday, July 31, 2015

The Grid by EdMorris

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Vienna's Curves (Crazy Trip Spot#6) by AlexGaflig

Facebook |||| Instagram |||| Twitter ------------------- --- Please view on black --- Two days after my Yugoslavia Trip with Cludes Tomato i flew to Vienna. I had super bad luck in Vienna with building sites, seems like cranes and scuffoldings hunt me this year. The Charles Church, St. Stephans Cathedral, Votiv church are just some of them, the most disappointing was the WU (University of Economics). There's such an interesting building but a scuffolding since March or even longer. Well i found this beauty here, 2 new buildings in vienna, this one with curves and the other one with edges =) The sky was very boring, so this is one of my rare "out of the hand" shots. Next time i'll try a LE with a dramatic sky ^^ By the way this is my first shot with the Zeiss 16-35 which has really a great quality. Mainly i bought it to keep my cam bag as light as possible, currently i'm at 3.5KG with a tripod! via 500px

into the light by silketuexen

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Pilgrimage I by AlisterBenn

More and more these, days, especially with the power of the internet to send our images around the world in seconds, we see shots from iconic areas more and more. This makes more people want to go there, and we see even more shots. I have no problem with this - as long as the beautiful places are preserved for our kids and grandkids and all the generations to follow in our footsteps when we're gone. As photographers though I think we should try and step beyond pure reportage and attempt to be expressive about the experience we had there. This is the black and white rendition of quite a famous color shot of mine of a tremendous sunrise over Mt Assiniboine. I feel this version is far more timeless and less about the moment and more about the place. I hope you enjoy. via 500px

Kim Henry by ericpare

Little Circle dance film project with contemporary dancer Kim Henry. As seen on 500px | PetaPixel | CNN | MTV | Vice | Adobe | More... Follow me on facebook | instagram | twitter via 500px

Downtown SF by HumzaDeas

Walks through the downtown area of San Francisco with Matt S. via 500px

Link of the Realms by MajeedBadizadegan

Like my Facebook photography page Skype Photoshop Processing Lessons Private Tours & Workshops I met up with Michael Shainblum last night at Thor’s Well. We got pretty sweet conditions. I decided to take a stab at this new vantage point because the tidal conditions were perfect. via 500px

San Francisco by HumzaDeas

Arial photography over San Francisco. via 500px

~ Summerday ~ by jmatz

Many thanks for your visit, all the nice comments and votes! ♥ via 500px

Natasha by SeanArcher

Follow me on Facebook My Instagram Personal Skype workshops. Skype screen sharing, all process explained, step by step. Easy and simple ways to get the best results of your photos (all you need to know is Photoshop basics, I dont use masks, frequency separation etc). All questions about photography in general. I'll be glad to share what I know and what I understood about portrait photography. via 500px

Spectator by guerelsahin

a stormy evening at the three peaks of lavaredo, dolomites italy. if you like my work follow me on FB or my Website thanks via 500px

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wind Siren by twwall

The more specific you are, the more general it'll be. Diane Arbus via 500px

........... by Josechino2424

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Vertigo Hotel Dijon by DanHac

What's happening behind the lights? via 500px

Artist at work. by AgnishaBasak

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far away from home by TomaszSolinski

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Behind the larch by dinom via 500px

Crnopac's bowel by Dine_HR

This photo is taken during exploration of newly discovered pit on Crnopac, Croatia. We named it "Jama mlohavog borera" which means "Pit of flabby auger" because of complications we had with our accu drill. :) via 500px

Before a terrible storm by DSFCA

Before a terrible friend was driving, gradually, the clouds thickened and we saw it...we jumped out of the car to catch this phenomenon. A strong wind was blowing and without a tripod to shoot was incredibly difficult, but the tripod we had so we knelt down and shot a panorama. In 20 metres from us was struck by a tremendous lightning and every minute was scary...suddenly the cloud began to change shape, turning into a giant jellyfish with a bluish tentacles. Next was to remove hazardous to life because the cloud was almost upon us. via 500px

Memory Of The Sea by pasqualedipilato

Village of Riomaggiore located in the National Park of the Cinque Terre, Italy. 2015 © Pasquale Di Pilato If you're interested in my work, visit my website: Workshop - Italy Photo Tour: Workshop via 500px

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tahoma Twilight by JeremyDuncan

Please view this one on black. Lots of shadow detail to be seen. Mount Rainier from the Sunrise area on a very windy night. Three images used: One for the land, one for the stars and another for the moon which were both shot at later times in order to capture the scene I envisioned. via 500px

Inspiration by fuji2013legend

It was the morning surrounded by fog. Suddenly, the fog has cleared up. Fuji that floats to the many small clouds appeared. (deleted sensor spots) via 500px

I need you so by gotay

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Evening's Elegy by alexnoriega

2015 Autumn in Olympic Tour with Alex Mody
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An intimate view of sand dunes at sunset in Death Valley, California. Shot this back in March - funny that it's sat on my hard drive this long, because it's probably my second-favorite dune image now (behind Nocturne of Shadow). Can't wait until it's cool enough to get back out there this fall and winter. Dunes are one of my favorite subjects, but I hate the heat! via 500px

fields of gold by thalerst

Into the Night by Shainblum

"As always. best viewed on black" A beautiful foggy night over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Since it was right after sunset we were lucky enough to get some nice car trails coming down/up from Hawk Hill. I hope you all enjoy it. via 500px

The Pulse of the Storm by HeatherKennedy

Lake Michigan in one of her furry's. I took this photo while on our Picture My View Lakeshore photowalk. Although our walk ended just moments after I snapped this, due the heavy down pour of rain that followed this amazing cloud, we had such a great day, and this was for sure the topper. One of those moments, that you stop whatever you are doing and stand in awe of what your eyes are seeing. Can't wait for the next one :) #500pxPhotowalks via 500px

Ice Cave Kayaking by tobyharriman

Kayaking in Valdez via 500px

Tiles at Twilight by SarahMarino

Wandering around a desert playa at dusk and taking photos of mud tiles is both a sort of strange thing to spend one's time doing but also a quite enjoyable one. Beyond 500px: Photography Portfolio | E-books | Photography Blog Thanks, as always, for your time in viewing my photography! via 500px

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

✔Shades of Orange✔ by carlos_santero

Follow ✔ Like ✔ Share ✔ Comment ✔ Model: Claudia Coba by Carlos Santero Facebook Page || Twitter || || via 500px

King of Red Lions by alexnoriega

Private Workshops and Tours Online Post-Processing Instruction Soft light skirts the otherworldly sandstone formations of this remote location in Northern Arizona, on a stormy spring afternoon. Looks best on black. There are endless opportunities for original imagery all around here, but this well-known "dragon" formation is just too appealing not to shoot while you're here! I've shot this under a variety of conditions, but I ended up choosing an afternoon with a rather blue sky for the contrast it made with the red landscape. Also, a reminder that only a couple spots remain on the workshop I'm leading with Alex Mody in Olympic National Park this September. via 500px

Morning glow by Heiwe

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"Slow Life" Morning of tribal in Asia by wichansumalee

Morning of tribal in Asia.She Smoking and boiling hot water for coffee. via 500px

Night Crawler by MohmedFareed

Golden silk orb weaver spider via 500px

Scared by Milda_94 via 500px

Escher's Palace by ianplant

Abandoned buildings reclaimed by the desert in the Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Namibia. via 500px

Monday, July 27, 2015

Green Dawn by AlessioAndreani

Join me and Francesco Gola for an amazing photo travel: Photo tour in Brittany You can follow me on Facebook Contact me here Stokksnes is one of the most popular destination in Iceland, you can easily figure out why. I waited a lot for the Northern Lights, but they didn't show up properly, only some green in far distance, but in landscape photography you have to deal with nature (and i'm not that kind of guy that copy and paste sky from other shots..) so i tried to capture the atmosphere of the moment. Best viewed in black! via 500px

Cotton Candy by AlfonsoNovillo

Another World. via 500px

Skyline Panorama by sabryphotography

Thanks for your votes and comments!!! You can follow me on Facebook or my website. via 500px

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stay inspired! by Arken

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. by sile

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Stone arches by demiguel

Please, view on Black. Like my Facebook Page for more frequent updates on travels and photos, Instagram too. ● I appreciate comments, especially ones that offer constructive criticism! via 500px

Ever-changing Light by janneka

Press H so see in full HD and see my website for more: I discovered this place in Lofoten islands by accident with just looking at the map and thinking that this could make a nice view. I was also lucky to have an amazing sunset that day with constantly changing light (even a 5min downpour at one point) which resulted in so many of my own favorite images from my Lofoten trip. And now I'm happy to upload one more image from this spot with a familiar composition just to show how different the light can be within one sunset in the epic Lofoten. Check out the other one with the same comp here: Towards the Light via 500px

Saturday, July 25, 2015

FIRE AND ICE by chrisbabidaacaso


GESTREIFT by rolleckphotographie

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Lord of the Ages by DanielHerr

We all dream dreams of unity, of purity; we all dream that there's an authoritative voice out there that will explain things, including ourselves. (Junot Diaz) via 500px

Slocan Lake Sunset 2 by ursula

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Friday, July 24, 2015

The Roof of the World by AlisterBenn

Sunrise from 18000 feet in the Himalay of Nepal. Can't wait to get up there with Marc Adamus in a couple of months time. Buy this Print via 500px

Art In The Sand by imagesbylaurie

Taken above with my flying camera (DJI Phantom) via 500px

Prometheus by Turnipfarmer

Kings Cross Underground Station, London, England - I couldn't resist in playing around with this tunnel and this was the result, another to add to my 'Conceptional Fabrication' photo series, it is good fun. I have done two versions of this, one in this monochrome feel and the other in a colour feel. Personally I prefer this one as it gives it a more sci-fi futuristic feel to the image but I might upload the other later on and let you see which you all prefer. This is one tunnel I plan to revisit next time I am down in London which will hopefully be Open House London. As always I can't wait for it and look forward to seeing what the Open House team have in store as the main events! I am planning on doing a blog post maybe next month of some of the places I have visited in the last 5 Open Houses that I have done to help those make decisions on where to visit and photograph. Would this be of interest to anyone? Hope you are all having a great week so far and looking forward to tomorrow being Friday and all! :-) via 500px