Sunday, August 31, 2014

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the words are not always enough

Düden Şelalesi by Avmbk Add me

Düden şelalesi Nazlı kız gibi..

er by euq3iwxga1 Add me

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Camping under the stars by EssamAMonem Add me

Camping under the stars by the Red Sea

Podere Belvedere by BelaTorok Add me

San Quirico d'Orcia, Tuscany, Italy

Infinity by CapturingTheNight Add me

"Infinity" Mt Buffalo National Park, Australia, 29/08/14 Spent the night back at one of my favorite locations to image from a couple of nights ago. There was still a bit of snow around from heavy falls earlier in the year. With the central bulge of the Milky Way directly overhead and a crescent Moon setting in the west, I thought it was a good time to do another all sky panorama before setting up for a few timelapse sequences. A lot of people on another site has said I should have called this image "Dragons Eye" and I agree that that would be a great title for this, but "Infinity" reflects what I was feeling on this night, as I spent a large part of it just lying on my back and staring up into night sky. 23 image panorama. Canon 6D, 14mm, F/2.8, ISO 6400, 30 seconds.

National falls by DonGoldney Add me

The Royal NP is a stunning park after rain

Three of a kind by ramoncovelo Add me

Jokulsarlon ice beach.

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Divided by Latyrx Add me

Captured couple of nights ago in Meri-Pori, Finland. Info about the work on my blog: Divided - Mikko Lagerstedt Thanks for viewing!

Summer Evening on the Chowan (of ) by esanford1 Add me

Long Exposure after sunset

Pangong Tso Lake-India Ladakh by Nutexzles Add me

Last Light.. by AlfonsoNovillo Add me

A light that shuts off, but many that are lit...

The Dark Hedges by michaelkight Add me

Tomorrow is the last full day for my bride and me on this visit to the United Kingdom. We have decided that this country needs much more exploration with its stunning beauty and equally beautiful people. We will be returning to North Carolina with not just a trove of remarkable images, but also with a deep heartfelt appreciation for the friends we've made here... we will not forget you! Today, we poked around the coastline and countryside of Northern Ireland with longtime friend Mari Ward-Foster... she's not just knowledgeable of her country, she is truly a gifted photographer and a sweetheart to boot! We had a fun, though somewhat frustrating time here. Mari explains that this place was once relatively unknown by even those who live near here. However, having been a major scene backdrop of the HBO series Game of Thrones, it is now a destination for many on tour here in the UK. Busloads of folks clamored for shots of themselves with the same backdrop. Busses, taxis, cars, and people crowded this little country lane... until the rains came... with hail! Looking at the scene through the car window in the rain, I decided that this was the shot I was after. I got soaked, but it was worth it... though somewhat foreboding, I found this quite beautiful. Joyce, however, seems to think flying monkeys will appear any moment from these old beech trees.

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bridge covered in sunlight, autumn

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Glowe, Rügen Germany

in a a different world by darkog Add me

Taken in Rastoke , Croatia , small village situated on waterfals of rivers Korana and Slunjčica some 20 km from national park Plitvice Lakes. Fantastic place for photos. This one is taken early in the august morning (about 7:00 hour). Photo was taken with IR filter 720nm placed in front of lens.

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Luarca lighthouse (Asturias). // Faro de Luarca (Asturias)

Natural Frame ... by Yannick_Lefevre Add me

Another angle to have at the horizon this famous island ( Ile d'Or ) at Cap Dramont. i choose an angle to have those "rocks formation" on both side to consider as a natural frame ;-)

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The Golden Hour by Nick___ Add me

Tweaked from a RAW photo with Canon Digital Professional Software.

A place to relax. by RuneAskeland Add me

Kings Canyon by LucBusquin Add me

Kings Canyon, Sierra Nevada, California

Le Minou by GeoffroyPasquier Add me

The lighthouse of Le Minou, perfect place to take some pictures in Britany, France !

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*Looking Back* Normally when I shoot this bridge I am over in those hills getting taken over by the fog. It was an interesting view to see it from above like this, looking back at where I first shot it. Enjoy your long weekend everyone!

Stars and lights trails by StefanoGarau Add me

Double exposure: Sky 30 sec. F4 ISO1600 Foreground 19 Sec. F8 ISO200

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Gates of the Valley by cotyspence Add me

Sunrise down in Yosemite Valley on a hazy morning. The haze is a mixture of fog and lingering smoke from the recent fires and it made the light feel kinda dreamy. The sun was overwhelmingly bright in the sky so I angled the photo down a bit so you could see the reflection in the water instead! Hope you enjoy the photo! Follow me on Instagram | Google+

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Brigthon West Pier was build by Eugenius Birch in 1866 as the second promenade pier in Brighton. 1893 it was enlarged with the attachment of a huge theatre pavilion. It's famous history ended in 2003 with two fires which couldn't be controlled, so it burned out totally. 10 years ago, in 2004 the construction broke down. I remember, that I walked on it as a kind during my first school exchange program. After seeing the ruin, I decided to spend an evening at the beach to watch it. The low sun illuminated one cloud in warm tones and the wind from the west blew it eastbound. In a certain way it reminded me on the fire, so I decided to edit my picture in a very expressionist way. It might be a little to much for some of you, but I wanted to do this experiment. Lokking forward to your feedbacks…

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Once again One Of A Kind Photography Adventures turns on the disco lights for the gang in New Zealand with Timothy Poulton, Timothy Donnelly, Jay Daley, Bruce Hood, Damien Seidel, Jeff Smith, Craig Holloway and Rob Dickinson. 6 Days of screaming around the South Island camping, drinking and smashing out the landscape stunners.

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Sunset in salt lake in Kos island Greece

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My way of living mountain is sometimes represented as a race against time, between night and day, making my way away from the paths, between ledges and steep gullies. I wake up early, even at 2 or 3 in the night and it could be that im going back home when the world is still sleeping. Sometimes i go back very happy, in most of the occasions a little less. Mountain is sever, the weather is mainly bad. But the effort doesnt count, it serves to strengthen us. In this photo nature was hiding a nice gift for my birthday. I want to share it with you, to thank you for your great affection.. and now I can dream for a new sunrise.

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Those mountain peaks always remind me of the back from a Stegosaurus, or Godzilla. Anyway, this place is truly awe-inspring.

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One of the most viewed sunrise spots in the American southwest. And for good reason!!

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Bowman Lake in the glacier national park.. and no i did not just mirror it :-)

Wizard's Hat by geneG Add me

Oregon Coast Twilight

Blue Hawaii by grantstaylor Add me

A breaking wave shot from the water in soft early morning light at Sandy beach, Oahu.

Glenorchy Trees - New Zealand by GerhardZwerger-Schoner Add me

Glenorchy, Südinsel Neuseeland

Blaven Sunbeams. Isle of Skye. Scotland. by photosecosse Add me

PLEASE VIEW MY WEBSITE TO PURCHASE PRINTS, CARDS , CANVASES and DOWNLOADS Magical Sunbeams pierce the brooding Sky, and cast spotlights over the crags of Blaven. Seen across Loch Slapin, in late Summer. Mono conversion available. For a better quality image click HERE Click on the image and a larger version will appear. ALL rights reserved. ©Barbara R Jones / means NO downloading, re-use, or copying in any way WITHOUT my permission. You may blog the images ONLY if you provide a link to my website, see above.

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It seems like I'm bombarded you guys with gnarled whitebark conifer tree lately. I hope you don't mind as it is the last of my series of gnarled tree images. I need help guys - I ran out of idea for the title of this scene. Umm.... let's see. My face was bombarded with hungry mosquito bites when I took this image. Each of those bites swell-up like a little hill -- Yep ... I did scratched like crazy too. the insect-repellent spray did not help me that much. I told my self "I want my $ back."

Seljalandsfoss' sunset magic by MaxConradPhotography Add me

Seljalandsfoss waterfall in southern Iceland is probably one of the most photographed waterfalls in the world and possibly any angle and lighting condition have been converted to pixels ;) There are already plenty of great and stunning images taken by extraordinary good photographers... Nevertheless I decided to show my personal favorite shot when the golden sunset magic happened just before midnight - after several days of boring light conditions. I hope you are not yet too tired of seeing this!

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Sagua eta sugea by izubiaurre Add me

Zarautz, 2014

Summer Rolls by worsoe1972 Add me

Rolls of hay, shot at sunrise.